Top 6 Things To Be Ungrateful For This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time where families and friends get together, stuff their bellies with food, and enjoy the last bit of fall and the lead-up to Christmas. It calls to mind peaceful images of cornucopias, pumpkins, and autumn leaves falling. However, like the holiday of Thanksgiving itself, there’s a darker side to all of this. Some of us try to avoid certain family members, only to be forced to eat turkey next to them while giving them the side-eye. With all of the political turmoil, as this November marks one year since the 2016 presidential election, there’s a lot of bad on our minds still that isn’t going to washed away by cranberry juice. Join us as we discuss our top 6 things to be ungrateful for this Thanksgiving. We promise it will be cathartic.

Terrible Men

men are terrible - 6 nerdy chicks

With the #metoo movement, it seems like every day there is a new revelation that some man in a position of power sexually harassed and/or assaulted someone. While it’s great that the schmucks have risen to the surface so we can get rid of them, it’s still emotionally exhausting to read all of these accounts of women who were scared that their story wouldn’t be believed, so they never told the truth of what happened. Every time a woman hears the latest in sexual harassment news, it reminds her of the sexual harassment/assault she has experienced. At the very least, it makes women angry. Because of this, some of us have started binge-eating our feelings to deal with the seemingly endless news cycle, which leads us to another thing we’re ungrateful for: pants that aren’t leggings.

Nerd Clothing

Porg, Star Wars, Last JediSomething that has always been an issue is being female in the male dominated nerd world, especially when it comes to the clothing. Men’s nerd or geek inspired clothes are the best. I own many men’s T-shirts, sweaters, and jackets because it is really hard to find geek clothing for women. If we can find them, they are super expensive. There are wonderful rays of hope from independent sellers on Etsy as well as Hot Topic, ThinkGeek and Her Universe; however, these options are pricey. If you go to these sites, the women’s prices are generally higher than the men’s. So why do we as females need to wait for sales to happen or give in and shop in the men’s section? Another annoying issue is the size of the women’s options when it comes to geek clothes. On average, a girl may need to size up one or even two sizes when shopping from one of the sites that does cater to our nerdy needs. So not only are we paying more, but our self-confidence is shot because our normal size does not fit. The discrepancies of price, size, and availability are extremely frustrating, and we are very ungrateful for them.

The Hamilton Lottery

Hamilton lottery, Hamilton, ungrateful, Thanksgiving
The bane of my existence.

If you are a person that is alive and has the ability to hear, then you, no doubt, have been obsessed with the Broadway hit Hamilton. You will also know that tickets to the musical phenomenon are notoriously hard to come by without paying beaucoup bucks the instant they become available. Thankfully, the good people of Hamilton have tried to address this problem with a lottery for each showing they have. Winners of the lottery would be able to purchase one or two tickets for $10 if their name is picked. I’ve entered into this lottery every. Single. Time. And I have yet to win! I am NOT grateful for this. I know a couple of people who have won and one of them even won twice! How is that justice? Where is my lifetime movie about my struggle? When’s gon’ be my time!? Taking a step back, I know this is quite a small and #firstworldproblems problem to have, and I am aware of how incredibly lucky I am to have such a small grievance to put forward but this whole things is for fun, guys. It’s all in good fun. That, and I’m super pissed about it.

Disrespecting The Queue

In our older years, we have less and less room for BS. So, when we commit our time and effort to something, we expect to be rewarded for it. Listen, we’re not talking about the “millennial mindset” of entitlement, we’re talking about showing up, waiting it out, and getting what we want. This past year, we attended San Diego Comic Con. We made a plan months before to only buy badges for Thursday and Saturday, with our intention to get in line Friday morning and camp out for Hall H. Our plan became a joke as we and thousands behind us were cut in line by another thousand con goers (check out what happened here). Line cutters just ruined the whole experience for us. Now what, we have to wait 2 days to get into Hall H next year?!

We felt the same frustrations at Los Angeles Comic Con, where we were directed to a massive line that snaked behind the convention center. As we neared the front entrance, people who didn’t wait in line just walked in between members of our own group (I’m still salty about the 11th Doctor cosplayer who tried to step in front of me). In fairness, many of these events are run by volunteers, and security has no idea what’s going on. We, veteran queuers, can only tattle so much to the line staff; it’s up to other con goers to not be dicks about it. Get in line like everyone else!

Toxic Gamers

There are many joys to playing multiplayer online games, and one of them is being able to have a live connection with people who love the game just as much as you do. Unfortunately, it seems as though for every wonderful person you meet in-game, there is also one toxic person that ruins it for everyone. A toxic player can be anyone from trolls who lose on purpose to piss the team off, hardcore gamers who constantly flame and berate teammates, or those lovely men who start harassing women when they make their presence known. These players take the joy out of gaming for others, and take pride in the fact that they do so.

Toxic players have been a problem for many of the biggest selling multiplayer online games such as Overwatch, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and many developers have vowed to continue their efforts in culling these people from their player base. Though that may be true, for now many well meaning players have to deal with the toxic environment to enjoy their favorite games. Knowing there are people out there with the sole intent to ruin fun things for other people is definitely something to be ungrateful about.

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The Commercialization Of A Society

In a lot of ways, we appreciate how commercialized nerd culture has become. This is how we get cool stuff that sport our favorite comic book icons. While this is true, we’ve got a serious problem when entire families haven’t finished digesting Thanksgiving dinner before they’re out Christmas shopping. Yes, we’re talking about Black Friday. And hey, we get it –  everyone loves snagging a sweet deal! However, Black Friday isn’t even Black Friday anymore when the sales start at 5 pm on Thanksgiving. Shouldn’t people be lazing around in food comas at this time? And then, you hear these insane stories of crazed shoppers nearly murdering each other just to a few bucks off on things they’re probably buying for themselves. Black Friday has gotten out of control, but what is reveals about our values is even more alarming. Thanksgiving is a time when people should be grateful for the things they have; instead, we’re out trying to save a little bit of money on things we don’t have! So this Thanksgiving, let’s be ungrateful for the corporate greed that transforms an entire society into shopping crazed monsters half a day early.

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