Top 10 Sexiest Female Movie Villains 2017 Edition

Now that we’re in the most wonderful time of year, I can stop pretending to be a normal person and share my love of all things creepy and evil—including people! There’s nothing like a good villain; we all love to hate these people, and a sexy one is even easier to love. This list contains MY top 10 sexiest female villains! If you missed it, check out my top male villains here.


10) Akasha played by Aaliyah: Queen of the Damned

aaliyah akasha queen of the damned sexy villain
“My children. Warms my blood to see you all gathered plotting against me.”

Like any sane person who listened to music in the late 90s/early 2000s, I was a huge fan of Aaliyah. Millions of fans were devastated when she suddenly died in 2001 but had the very small consolation of her yet unreleased debut movie to look forward to. It was a chance for fans everywhere to see her, one last time, in a way we hadn’t had the opportunity to do so before. The movie was not incredibly successful, or well-received, but Aaliyah was incredible. She wasn’t in much of the movie, but she stole the scenes she was part of. She looked incredible and was perhaps my favorite part of the whole thing.

9) Talia Al Ghul played by Marion Cotillard: The Dark Knight Rises

talia al ghul batman dark knight rises sexy villains
” My father and I came to be at odds, so I forged my own path… but he was still my father when you put a sword through his chest.”

Talia is sexier in a more obvious way. She’s charming, chic, and she’s one sneaky bitch. What was less obvious about Talia was the fact that she was the villain the whole time (gasp)! What makes her even sexier is when she starts to take control over Bane, a man who seemed to take orders from no one, and starts to take the plan into her own hands. It doesn’t end well for her, but we won’t hold that against her.

8) Santanico Pandemonium played by Salma Hayek: From Dusk till Dawn

santanico pandemonium selma hayek from dusk till dawn sexy villain
*Dances Sexily*

She has no line, is only in one scene, and was only in the movie to begin with so Quentin Tarantino could suck on her toes, but how can you not find this “villain” sexy! That’s literally the whole point of her character, and I buy into it 100%.

7) Bellatrix Lestrange played by Helena Bonham Carter: Harry Potter franchise

bellatrix lestrange harry potter sexy villain
“You coming to get me?”

Bellatrix (much like Helena Bonham Carter) is sexy in a dirty, scary, may-kill-you-in-your-sleep kind of way. She’s extremely loyal (like a sexy…dog?), especially if you’re a homicidal wizard. She might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s something about this whack job crazy chick that draws me to her. Maybe I should see someone about that.

6)Meredith Vickers played by Charlize Theron: Prometheus

meredith vickers prometheus sexy villains
“If you’re really going down there, you’re going to die.”

Meredith Vickers isn’t your typical movie villain. Sure, she’s struggling with her daddy issues and is willing to sacrifice her own crew for the mission at hand, but she doesn’t seem like the kind of person who set out to stir shit up. You kind of feel for her, but then she runs right in front of a falling spaceship instead of easily avoiding it by running a few feet to the side and all that goes away.

5)Ava played by Alicia Vikander: Ex Machina

ava ex machina sexy villain
“Your micro-expressions are telegraphing discomfort.”

Ex Machina was NOT the movie I thought it was gonna be, and Ava did NOT turn out to be the character I thought she was gonna be, but this movie has stuck with me since I saw it. Ava is obviously sexy and sneakily conniving, which makes her a great addition to the list.

4) Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie: Suicide Squad

harley quinn margo robbie suicide squad sexy villain
” I’m known to be quite vexing, I’m just forewarning you. …”

Harley Quinn as a character may be problematic, but Margot Robbie is not. She’s the perfect blend of bubbly and psychotic with just a hint of sarcasm (my kind of girl). She started out as a normal, everyday M.D. before falling in love with the mother of all bad boys. Love can make us do some crazy things.

3) Mystique played by Rebecca Romijn/Jennifer Lawrence: X-Men franchise


jennifer lawrence rebecca romijn mystique raven x-men sexy villain
“He made me what I am, gave me purpose.”

You can’t talk sexy without talking about Mystique. She screams seduction; she’s naked for goodness sake. She can do anything with her body (anything!), and I can’t think of anything sexier than a woman who’s in charge of her own body. See? I’m political.

2) Catwoman played by Michelle Pfeiffer: Batman Returns

catwoman michelle pfieffer batman sexy villain
“I don’t know about you, Miss Kitty, but I feel so much yummier.”

Now, as far as cat ladies go, Catwoman puts them all to shame. Pfieffer as Catwoman is perfect (sorry Halle Berry, although you are very sexy yourself). She’s a secretary turned ass-kicking, cartwheeling, whip-cracking vigilante. And she does it all in a homemade, skintight vinyl suit.

1) Phoenix played by Famke Janssen: X-Men franchise

phoenix famke jensen x-men sexy villain
“Kill me or I’ll kill again.”

Famke, Famke, Famke. I’m a little biased here. I’ve had a huge thing for Famke Janssen since I first saw her in House on Haunted Hill (one of the best/worst movies, ever). As Phoenix, she oozes sex appeal. With that hair, that body, and those eyes, I’m willing to look past a little self-control issue. And, it must be said, she’s the only woman in the world who can get away with eyebrows that thin.

Honorable mention:

T-X Terminator played by Kristanna Loken: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

terminator 3 t-x terminator sexy villain
“I like your gun.”

The movie may have been a bit forgettable, but this chick has always stuck with me. She’s literally a killing machine, and I like that.


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