The Westeros Wing: American Politicians as Game of Thrones Characters

In these uncertain and sometimes scary times, many people turn to TV as a means of escape. For me (and pretty much everyone else in the country), my main escape is Game of Thrones. You would think spending time in a medieval world embroiled in war and poverty wouldn’t remind you of present day America but, alas, I can’t help but make the comparisons. After this week’s particularly heart-wrenching episode, I couldn’t help but compare some of the best (and worst) characters in the show to present day politicians. Maybe I’m too obsessed with the land of Westeros, maybe I’m trying to make light of the daily dread I feel, or maybe it doesn’t really matter and we can all chill out and just have some fun with it.

Now, I just want to say upfront that these are MY opinions. Not everyone in the world (hell, not everyone who writes for this blog) are as left leaning as I am and I get that–it’s a fake show, guys. Also, not all of these comparisons are 100%, and the characters/politicians don’t always line up with their alliances like they do in the show/real life, so just let it go, nerds. Like I said before, let’s just lay down our swords and make fun of everything for a minute. Let’s start with a big one.


The White Walkers/ White Supremacists

White walkers white supremacist
Just some pasty dudes, stirring up some shit.

The White Walkers in this little game of mine are the alt-right (Nazis). They were once a great threat who receded into the background only to come back with a vengeance to wreak havoc on the planet. They’re pasty with blue eyes, like congregating in groups, are always trying to convert people, don’t listen to reason, and all of their followers are mindless zombies. People didn’t believe they were a real threat until it was too late, and now they’re all scrambling to catch up. This brings us to our next character.

Jon Snow/ Hillary Clinton

Jon snow Hillary Clinton
A hero to some. A traitor to others.

He tried to warn us, just like Hillary. He came back from the dead (just like Hillary did after her defeat) to become a beacon of hope to some and a strange, scary creature to others. People don’t always listen to what he says, even though he usually has the best intentions in mind. He’ll probably never be the true leader his loyal followers want him to be, but he wants what’s best for them in the end. Also, some people just want to stab him in the gut.

Cersei Lannister/ Donald Trump

Cersei Lannister Donald Trump
Who put these fools in charge?

Crazy and irrational, Cersei came to power despite no one wanting her there or even believing it was possible to begin with. She says and does things based on her feelings, and they usually come back to bite her in the ass. She thinks she’s clever, and is to those who love her, but she will ultimately be defeated by her own hubris.

Jaime Lannister/ Mike Pence

Jaime Lannister Mike Pence
Let’s grow some spines, boys.

The main pawn to Cersei, Jaime is blinded by his love for her (and maybe even his love of power?). He’s kind of spineless and just needs to take off his blinders and take out Cersei already. Not that he would make a welcome leader himself, but if he truly loves the realm, he’ll do what’s best for the people (like he’s done in the past).

Daenerys Targaryen/ Bernie Sanders

Daenarys Targaryen Bernie Sanders
The People’s Champ.

An unlikely leader brought to power by the small people. Beloved, and underestimated, by many, Dany wants freedom and prosperity for her people and isn’t afraid to say what’s really on her mind. She’s charismatic, perhaps a bit ideasitic, and enjoys the loyalty of winged creatures. Plus, feel the burn.

Littlefinger/ Mitch McConnell

Littlefinger Perry Baelish Mitch McConnell
Look at that smug face.

Slimy and conniving, Littlefinger sure knows how to move the pieces to his best advantage. He’s a smug and horrible little man, and everyone pretty much hates him. He thinks he’s smarter than everyone, but people usually see through his BS. Hopefully he’ll be gone soon.

Ned Stark/ Barack Obama

Barack Obama Ned Stark
I miss them both. So. Much.

Wise and reasonable, Ned Stark was the ultimate cool-headed leader. When he was the Hand of the King, he tried to do what was best for the realm, despite being held back by the rest of the small council. Many called him a traitor despite evidence to the contrary, and he left the show much too soon. And I miss him all the time.

Sansa Stark and Margery Tyrell/ Sasha and Malia Obama

Sasha obama Malia obama Margarey Tyrell Sansa Stark
Can’t they live? Geez.

Just a couple of young women trying to do their thing in a man’s world. They tried not to concern themselves too much with the whole politics thing, but rather just tried to live their lives despite the constant rumors and scrutiny they suffered throughout their lives.

Robert Baratheon/ Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton Robert Baratheon
They love to have a good time.

Suave and good with the ladies, Robert was said to be quite the looker in his day. His time in power was relatively peaceful and prosperous, and he was taken out of power with a hunt (boar hunt, witch hunt). He was well-liked and charismatic but would often lose his senses around women.

Joffrey Baratheon/ Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan Joffrey Baratheon

Whiny, and slimy with a punchable face. Paul Ryan is Joffrey because I fracking hate him.

Lady Olenna/ Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Lady Olenna Tyrell Ruth bader Ginsberg Notorious RBG

Lady Olenna is NOT here for any of your shit. She’s got stuff to do, and she gonna get it done whether you like it or not. She’s sharp-tongued and brilliant with a knack for laying the smack down with a well-timed put down.

Sandor Clegane/ John McCain

Sandor Clegane The Hound John McCain
Lovable curmudgeons.

Old and crotchety, The Hound is a character you grow to love. You’re never really sure who’s side he’s on and, even though he’s done some shit you don’t agree with, you always kind of root for him.

3-Eyed Raven/James Comey


James comey 3 eyed raven
They know all and see all.

The 3-Eyed Raven is all knowing. He quietly looked after the realm for many moons only to be forced to pass on his power and knowledge to another.

Bran Stark/ Robert Mueller

Bran Stark Robert Mueller
Just talk to us already!

Bran Stark is the new 3-Eyed Raven. He’s got all the knowledge and power of the last guy, but he won’t TELL US A FRACKING THING! I know he probably has a plan or has seen this all play out already, but it’s getting very frustrating to have to sit around and wait for him to open his mouth.


And that’s all I’ve got, folks. I’ve spent way too much time studying Westeros history and not enough time studying my own country’s, but I gotta say this makes me feel like I’ve got a pretty good grasp on our current political climate. These two subjects seem to be taking over the world right now and have become such an obsession of mine that, of course, I’d find a way to mash the two together. It also gives me a reason to think more about Game of Thrones! Which is a fictional world and therefore should to be talent too seriously, right? Right. So, how did I do? Who would you assign to their GoT counterparts? Let us know in the comments!




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