Super Bowl 2018 is Stepping up its Nerd Game!

The Super Bowl, in my mind, means food, funny commercials, and an exciting halftime show. I am not here for the actual game; I am here to be entertained by everything else. Over the last few years television and movies have drifted (gloriously) to superheros and science fiction. For those of us on the nerdier side, we can get excited that these genres are heading into the Super Bowl commercials. Here are a few nerdom morsels to hold you over during the big game!

It is rumored that the China based mobile company Huawei, will air an ad featuring their new spokeswoman, Gal Gadot. The company has paid for a slot in the lineup, so here’s for hoping we get a glimpse at our lovely Wonder Woman.

Another company cashing in on the scifi craze is Michelob Ultra, who bagged Chris Pratt of recent Jurassic World fame. Chris plays his usual quirky self for the low cal beer ad. We can all enjoy the teaser below. There is also a very strong likelihood there will be a new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom teaser, hopefully with less dead dinos.

Doritos always has a great Super Bowl ad and this year is no different. Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman team up to partner Doritos with the new Mountain Dew Ice. Peter is pushing the new Doritos Blaze with the visual of lots of fire. I think Doritos may be connecting a little of the GoT fire?

We are all very aware that Black Panther is just around the corner. Lexus got a huge boost when they partnered with the film, getting their cars in the movie and the actors in their commercials. There is bound to be a Black Panther trailer (hopefully with new footage!), and definitely this ad.

For me, the most exciting of rumors is that E News! says HBO will be releasing an exclusive clip of Westworld season 2 during the Super Bowl. This would be the first HBO ad in 20 years to air during the game. I don’t know about you, but this is the most exciting part of the day. Here is the first teaser for season 2 to hold us all over.

Back to the rumors, there is also hope of new teaser trailers for Avengers: Infinity War, A Wrinkle in Time, and The Incredible’s 2. I think that there is a good chance we will see all of these trailers, I just hope for newer versions.

The biggest rumor, and perhaps the best rumor, is that there will MAYBE be some kind of teaser for Solo: A Stars Wars story. I mean, I would die. The movie does come out in just about four months, so the timing would be perfect! It would make sense that Disney would wait till the whole world was watching to release the teaser for this long awaited film.

What are you guys excited or hoping to see? Let us know in the comments!


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