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6 Nerdy Chicks strike again at Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con! While the con may have been going all weekend long from October 27-29th at the LA Convention Center, unfortunately we were only able to check it out on Saturday the 28th. However, we packed the day with as much as we possibly could (which included getting our badges for #SDCC2018). LACC has grown immensely since its inception as Comikaze back in 2011. LA Comic con gets bigger and better every year, and this year was no exception! There were some incredible panels, fantastic art, wicked cosplayers, and super sweet merch! And we’ve got a taste of it all for you!


Katee Sackhoff panel - 6 Nerdy Chicks

LACC stepped up their game with guests this year: on Saturday alone, there was a Sabrina the Teenage Witch reunion panel (no cats present, unfortunately), and a special panel with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to promote the new Jumanji film. However, what got our group riled up in a nerd frenzy was the Entertainment Weekly panel featuring Katee Sackhoff for “Women Who Kick Ass, Sci Fi Edition.”

Katee Sackhoff is a beloved nerd icon for her role as Starbuck on the Battlestar Galactica reboot. While discussing her time on the series, she described her approach to Starbuck. As the series went on, Sackhoff said she would add more layers of femininity to the character, but this changed when Starbuck died and came back. For the last season, Sackhoff had to play Starbuck as “desperate and unhinged.” Her secret to this: “I developed a great relationship with vodka.” Seriously, our role model. She also talked about her own role models growing up pre-Ripley (Bruce Willis in Die Hard), and her new character on CW’s The Flash. Fun fact: The Flash writers gave her a free pass to do whatever she wanted, so she made the character British. Just for fun.  

Art & Merch

One of the best things about any con is always the chance to stock up on art and merchandise for your favorite fandoms and the opportunity to meet the artists behind a lot of these incredible items! We here at 6 Nerdy Chicks love to shop, and we definitely got away with some super awesome swag!

As soon as we walked into the expo hall, we all dashed for the first booth we saw: Fandom Flare Buttons. We got away with this AMAZING porg mug, an assortment of buttons, and an assortment of magnets. They had an incredible variety of items that featured a really wide spectrum of fandoms!

Fandom Flare Buttons

The hall can also be really overwhelming and you’ve got to look really close to perhaps find the less popular fandoms, but if you look hard enough you really can find anything. Like this Emperor’s New Groove Llama potion patch, and a Cheshire cat sticker and buttons from Fan Flaire!

Patches and Stickers from Fan Flaire, Phone case from Figments and Fables, and Bow from The Little Bowtique

When you’ve been collecting nerdy items for as long as we have, you start to acquire a lot of tchotchkes. Sometimes it’s nice to find and acquire things that are actually more functional! Such as these beautiful phone cases and cork coasters from Figment and Fable. The coasters are an especially adorable tough if you’d like to nerd up your home in a sophisticated way!

Figments & Fable

Another thing that we love about the expo hall floor is the awesome assortment of clothes and accessories that you wouldn’t normally be able to find anywhere else, such as this incredible Game of Thrones “Bastards Brew” tee shirt from Tee No Evil. Plus, we always make it a mission to find adorable nerd bows because they’re perfect for adding a nerdy flair to any outfit; so we sought out one of our favorite bow supplies: The Little Bowtique! We got these awesome bows AND this pair of “butts” earrings (seriously– Melody just had to have them because… butts!)

Tee No Evil and Little Bowtique

Last but not least, it’s not a con if none of us buys any art. There were some pretty fabulous prints that were available this weekend. We got these adorable pennywise and maleficent prints from one of our favorite artists, Michelliezoid . We hadn’t realized she was going to be there, so it was such a pleasant surprise running into her (read our interview with her here)!

Top left: Michelliezoid. Bottom left: Bretts Art World. Middle: Will Terry. Right: Neal Adams.

We also got this very rare and very adorable print of a Lady and the Tramp / Star Wars print from Bretts Art World!  He has some pretty fantastic crossover art! We love Disney, so of course we also couldn’t pass up this adorable baby oogie boogie print from Will Terry! He had a plethora of other adorable characters turned into babies. Next, we got this amazing personalized Muhammad Ali vs Superman print from one of DC’s most iconic artists, Neal Adams! Neal Adams was so much fun to talk to and was just genuinely such a nice guy. He’s actually the one that pointed out to us that all of the people in the audience on this print are various famous characters and people!


When using public transportation, one must always dress to impress.

In previous years, going to LACC was always an interesting adventure navigating through Downtown LA. In the early years, when it was dubbed Comikaze, some of us were able to even arrive in the afternoon and still enjoy the laid back con. Well, not anymore!

The con has gotten bigger and with that, traffic and parking surrounding the con is nightmare inducing. Which is why this year, we made a plan to take advantage of our local public transportation. Even with an early morning badge sale for SDCC2018, we managed to hop on the Metrolink and ride to LA Union Station. For most of us, this was our first time using the Metrolink, Metrorail, or even any sort of subway, and while it was a bit stressful, it was very fun. The best part of our friend group (6NerdyChicks and spouses) is our ability to make each other laugh. With a couple of rounds of Heads Up, we thoroughly entertained each other (while probably annoying other passengers).

During SDCC, this year, we also rode the trolley into the Gaslamp area of San Diego. While you’re somewhat restricted by timetables and train schedules, the 6NC crew has become pros at public transportation to our favorite cons. Plus, it lets your large groups travel together and enjoy each other’s company!

Crowd & Layout

While the crowd turning up for LACC has visibly been growing every year, it’s still at a manageable level.  There are still places in the exhibit hall where you have to squeeze through tightly packed costumed crowds, but there was still enough room for our group of 9 to move through together.  We were even able to find a table for lunch at the food court – a major feat at any convention.

Because the crowd is still at a fairly manageable level, the atmosphere is also more chill than the bigger cons. The Main Stage is actually off to one side in the exhibit hall, and interested viewers stand in a roped-off area.  Because of this you can hear the panels without really being there – a big plus if you want the information without necessarily being in the crowd.  Also the smaller crowd allows the convention to be less strict with traffic control.  This means that you can actually stand off to the side and wait while some members of your group use the restroom or buy food (a luxury that is not offered at higher traffic cons like SDCC).  You can even step off to the side and sit down.  Our group spent half the con sitting on the floor, and we enjoyed every second of it.

If you’re looking for a con that fulfills your nerd craving but is still small enough to relax or bring children to, this may be one for you to check out while you can.  As we previously mentioned, the popularity is growing and the lines are getting longer and longer each year.  It’s a great time to buy merch, talk to artists, and see some great cosplay, and we highly suggest adding it to your convention rotation.

Melody Kowach

Writer, Editor, and Liaison for 6NC, Melody is a jack of all nerdoms but master of none probably because she has a weird dislike for watching things she's already watched since there are so many new things to watch! Melody enjoys anime, indie games, books, and sci-fi, and when she's not at home binge watching a show or gaming, she can usually be found at Disneyland.

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