SDCC 2017 Cosplay Roundup!

SDCC has come to an end and even though it was sometimes exhausting, we here at 6NC are sad to see it go. There is always so much to see and do at the con that we never quite feel satisfied with the things we didn’t get to do. This was especially true this year since we gave up our Friday to spend the day in line for Saturday’s Hall H (you can read more about that experience here). Although waiting in line does take away from the activities side of a con, it does make for a great day of people watching. Friday, as we were lined up along the marina along the back of the convention center, gave us the perfect opportunity to see some really great cosplay. Below you will find some of our favorites from the weekend; we didn’t get all of them (some of y’all walk too fast!) but these are a pretty good representation of the time and commitment people put into their outfits!

  • These two ghost hosts from Tower of Terror and the Haunted Mansion certainly spooked us. (Follow Luly @baronessvonlu & Cynthia @w1cked0princ3ss)
  • This Flash cosplay zoomed right into our hearts!
  • We would absolutely build a Snowman with this beautiful Anna! (Instagram @ZutaraBeliever)
  • Beware the eye of the Lady Sauron (Instagram @LTCMMbones)
  • This take on Smaug, the dragon is beautiful and ready to steal all of your gold. (Instagram @PhasersOnStunning)
  • Another view of the Lady Smaug (Instagram- @PhasersOnStunning)
  • These Hilton Shoe Shine Booth employees do this every year and look great!
  • We had to do a double take with this Jon Snow cosplay. (Check out the King in the North on Instagram @Con.Snow)
  • Very cool Mary Jane Parker based on art by Jamie Tyndall (Check out Erica on Instagram @epmbeans)
  • Absolutely stunning crossplay of The Little Mermaid (@countess_autumn_lynn and @jimmysherfy on Instagram)
  • May the Force be with this Maleficent Jedi (Instagram @crystalnblythe)
  • A very cool Night's King (pun intended). (Instagram @crush_your_enemies)
  • We love this Alice in Wonderland Cosplay... please contact us if this is you!
  • Allllrighty then! Follow Ace Ventura at @loopdaed on Twitter and Instagram!
  • We would absolutely join forces with this amazing Cyclops! (Twitter @DrMarLo)
  • Get a look at this Flash before he's gone! (instagram @largsigh)
  • This little Lady Aquaman is already a force to be reckoned with. (Please contact us if this is you!)
  • Cheers, love - the lovely Laura is here as this awesome Tracer!
  • We couldn't get this Han's info because it was crazy crowded. If this is you, let us know - and tell your pup we say hi!
  • This Five Nights at Freddy Krueger cosplay reminds us to never fall sleep.



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