Polyjuice Potion & Butterbeer Cocktails

Advisory: We are in no way professionals; in fact, I’d say we’re noobs at cooking/baking/food & drink-making. So we’ll have our foibles, but we make the mistakes so that you don’t have to! Plus, if we can make it, so can you!

There’s nothing like kicking off the summer with potions–err, I mean, refreshments! If you’re throwing a summer pool party, or any party for that matter, it’s the perfect opportunity to make a delicious refreshment that also features your nerdy passions!

There are hundreds of recipes online for your favorite fandom, but since both Adri and I (Melody) love Harry Potter (and so do pretty much all of our friends… and even if they didn’t love Harry Potter, they loved these drinks!) we decided to make two Harry Potter inspired cocktails: Polyjuice Potion and Butterbeer! And the best part is that the recipes were super easy to make punch-bowl style!

Since we were celebrating our birthdays, we decided to make these versions of the drinks alcoholic, but that doesn’t mean that you have to. You could just as easily find recipes that are non-alcoholic, or you could even find non-alcoholic substitutes– for example, our Butterbeer recipe calls for butterscotch schnapps and vanilla vodka, but these could be replaced with butterscotch syrup and a splash of condensed milk!

Of course, Adri and I started out our little cocktail making adventure by looking up some basic recipes online, but we followed these pretty loosely and went with our instincts! Isn’t that part of the fun of potion mixing?

So, if there’s anything that you’d like to do differently from what we did– feel free to do so and let us know! We’d love to hear about your ventures too!


The Recipes

Polyjuice Potion
This is basically a fancy version of the infamous Seagrams 7 and 7

Ingredients we used:

-Seagrams 7 (1 cup)

-7up (2 liters)

-Vanilla ice cream

-Green food coloring (We chose a neon green, but any food safe coloring should do)

-A large punch bowl

Polyjuice Potion Cocktail Recipe Ingredients

The Steps:

Step 1: Make sure that your beverages are chilled before mixing. If they’re not properly chilled, when you add the ice cream, it’ll melt too quickly.

Step 2: Pour the 2 liter bottle of 7up (you can totally use diet 7up if that’s your thing!) into the punch bowl.Making Polyjuice Potion

Step 3: Pour 1 cup of Seagrams 7 into the mix! The recipe we followed technically called for almost a cup and a half, but we decided that we didn’t want to get too crazy with our drinks since we love our friends and don’t want them to suffer immense hangovers. So for this part, you can really mix until the drink meets your preferred taste.

Step 4: Add green food coloring. You can add as much as you want to get the color you’d like, but remember that the color will change a bit once you add the ice-cream.

Making Polyjuice Potion

*Protip* When stirring, stir slowly, as you don’t want to stir all of the carbonation out of your drink, especially since adding ice cream will take some of it out anyway!

Step 5: Add vanilla ice cream, again, to taste! We went with about 5-6 large scoops. This was really the fun part because the ice cream makes the soda go fizzzzzzz! So it really was like making a Polyjuice Potion! Plus, we really liked the way that the vanilla ice cream changed the color so that it wasn’t quite a bright neon-green. It really made it more potion-like!

Polyjuice Potion Cocktail in Puchbowl

Step 6: Enjoy responsibly!

And that’s it for the Polyjuice Potion! Skip down to our final comments below for some advice on recipe tweaks that we thought of after the fact!

Butterbeer Cocktail


Ingredients we used:

-2 liters cream soda

-1 cup of vanilla vodka (the recipe we were inspired by called for whipped cream vodka, but we couldn’t find it at our local grocery store, but vanilla vodka worked just fine. You could probably go with cake vodka as well. Anything in the creamy/dessert type of vodka family.)

-1 cup of butterscotch schnapps

-Marshmallow fluff or vanilla ice cream

-A large punch bowl

Butterbeer cocktail ingredients

The Steps

Step 1: Pour your 2 liters of cream soda into the punch bowl.

Making alcoholic butterbeer

Step 2: Pour 1 cup of vanilla vodka into the cream soda.

Making alcoholic butterbeer

Step 3: Pour 1 cup of butterscotch schnapps into the mix as well!

Step 4: Stir slowly, and then taste. This is where you can taste your mix so far, and add more of what you think you or your friends would prefer.

Step 5: Add the marshmallow fluff or vanilla ice cream (or both!) The problem that we had with the marshmallow fluff is that at first, it wouldn’t really break up into the drink, so it just floated on top in clumps. The marshmallow fluff was supposed to act as the “froth” of the Butterbeer, but it didn’t quite do that for us, so we came to the conclusion that the marshmallow fluff would have worked better as a topping off to the side that guests could add to their individual cups. What we discovered our guests DID love was adding vanilla ice cream to their drinks!

Step 6: Enjoy responsibly!


Final Comments

While mixing the Polyjuice Potion, my friends and I thought up another great idea that could have been just as delicious! Since the main thing that makes the Polyjuice Potion recipe Polyjuice is the fact that it has a soda, green food coloring, and an ice cream to make it foamy/fizzy, you could use any variety of these (except the green food color I suppose). For example, as a kid I loved Rainbow Sherbert (and it had to be the Thrifty brand!), so I used to make Rainbow Sherbert floats with 7up. Now I could imagine this Polyjuice recipe with 7up, any fruity flavored vodka (or even sticking with the seagrams would be good), and topped with Rainbow Sherbert!

Polyjuice potion butterbeer cocktails
Angie may be enjoying her drinks a bit irresponsibly

Our party guests absolutely loved these refreshments! However, we mean it when we say enjoy responsibly! The thing about these drinks is that they’re super sugary and sweet, so the alcohol is pretty hard to taste, which makes it a pretty dangerous drink. Also, as many experienced drinkers may note, make sure that you hydrate well, as sugar and alcohol make for delicious drinks, but without proper hydration, they make for painful hangovers!

Another trick we’ve seen involved a bit of science! Some recipes for Harry Potter potions and punches utilize the effect of dry ice in beverages to create a smoky “witch’s brew effect”. While we didn’t have any on hand, Polyjuice Potion would have looked pretty cool with a cloud of smoke billowing from the top!

We hope you enjoyed our ventures into potion making & Butterbeer tasting! If you have your own ventures, we’d love to hear about them!! Feel free to comment below or tag us @6nerdychicks on any of our social media!!

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