My Big Fat Geek Wedding: Nerdy Cake Toppers

Welcome to My Big Fat Geek Wedding!  As many of you can attest to, being a nerd isn’t a side job – it’s a lifestyle!  And as a result, many of our geek fancies naturally made their way into our weddings.  This week, we highlight one of the most important pieces of decoration (because it sits on top of the yummiest part of having a wedding) – the cake topper!  Read on to find the different ways we were able to pay tribute to our favorite fandoms through dessert!


Star Wars & Harry Potter (Mindy):

Star Wars and Harry Potter Wedding Cake Topper

My wedding was an explosion of fandoms.  My husband and I have many properties that we’re fond of, so we were hesitant on having just one represented at our wedding.  Our solution was to do a mash-up of all of our favorite stuff, and the cake topper is the perfect example. The cake topper we picked showed both of us in our favorite fandoms – Star Wars for him and Harry Potter for me.  I’m dressed in a Hogwarts robe with a wand in hand, and Doug is portrayed as a Jedi with a lightsaber.  We loved being able to design our cake topper from the clothing to the poses, and the seller was very good in sending photos to show their progress.  It’s still one of my favorite things from our wedding, and the cake topper now sits on our mantle in front of a picture of our cake.

Custom listing by Tiny Little Geeks on etsy.

Star Wars and Harry Potter Wedding Cake Topper


Dinosaurs/Jurassic Park (Jess):

Dinosaur Cake Topper

My husband and I knew we wanted to incorporate dinosaurs into our wedding somehow. We love Jurassic Park (all of them), and we love dinosaurs in general. We had been debating over cake toppers for a while, going back and forth between pigs and Star Wars pieces we found online. Eventually, we got around to the idea of using dinos as the cake toppers. We looked around on Etsy and other online store and did not really find anything we liked. We decided to just pick the dinosaurs we liked and put them on the cake the way they were.We went on the Schleich website to pick the ones we really wanted. Of course, Michael joked about getting the giant dinos, but we landed on two super amazing dinosaurs. The Velociraptor and Dilophosaurus are our favorites, and they looked so cute sitting up on the top of the cake. Our cake maker put a little tie and veil on the dinos as a finishing touch, along with randomly placed succulents that tied the whole thing together.

Dinosaur Wedding Cake Topper


Star Wars AT-AT (Melody):

At-AT Wedding Cake Topper

My cake topper didn’t match the theme of my wedding in any way. My wedding was actually Neverland themed as Peter Pan is one of my favorite books, movies, characters, mythology, and well– everything! My husband was so supportive of my ideas and let me pretty much run the gamut when it came to wedding planning that I decided to at least make sure that the cake and the cake topper was something that he would love. John is probably the biggest Star Wars nerd I know (except maybe Angie’s father), and trust me when I say that there are pah-lenty of Star Wars-themed cakes and cake toppers out there. However, we absolutely loved these little AT-ATs that I had originally seen on Pinterest; the only problem is– you can’t buy them anywhere. So, I decided to make mine! Thankfully, they’re incredibly easy to make. We purchased two sets of these hot-wheel figurines, and I hot glued a bit of tulle to one, made a cardstock top hat and hot glued it to the other, and voilá! Unfortunately, our wedding planners weren’t exactly Star Wars gurus, so when they set up our cake, the snow speeders were facing the wrong way– but we didn’t mind. The topper was just so cute anyway, nobody even noticed the star speeders were on there!

Disney’s Up (Angie):

Disney Up Pie Wedding Cake Topper

My wedding’s theme was Disney, so the guests sat at tables named after Disney couples, with my and my new hubby’s table being “Carl & Ellie” from Up. Because their love story is definitely #couplegoals, amirite? The only love story greater than theirs is the one I have with pie — so instead of a traditional wedding cake, my husband and I had wedding pie. Our pie topper was a quote from Up that said “You are my greatest adventure” in beautiful gold typography. I found this on Etsy from the shop Better Off Wed, who thankfully quickly answered my query about if their cake toppers would work on a pie (they do). So, if you like statement cake toppers, there’s no need for you to have the “spirit of adventure” and look at other shops!

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