Michelliezoid Blends Creepy and Cute to Create Her Unique Art

We first met Michelliezoid back in 2014 at Nuke the Fridge Con in City of Industry. We recently met up with her again at LA Comic Con (read about our experience here!) this past year and decided it was time to dust off our first interview with the talented artist to give you all a chance to get to know her! Enjoy!

Hi Michelliezoid! Thanks so much for letting us getting to know you and your work a little bit!

x-men wolverine storm beast
X-Men assemble…wait…that’s not right.

Tell us a bit about how you got started:

Well, I think I’ve always been the creative type, and drawing has always been a way to let that creativity flow, especially as a crazy kid, with a lot of imagination.  I’ve always had sketch books, regular journals, or random pieces of paper lying around, so the most natural thing for me to do was fill the blank pages with random doodles, notes or colors.

You’re pictures are so adorable! My favorites are the serial killers (not the first time I’ve ever said that!), what would you say is your favorite?

I actually first started drawing little girls with Blob monsters. As weird as that sounds, haha.  And it was very fun.  Although, I had to keep explaining to people that it was just a part of my imagination. But that slowly moved on to Comic character. It’s hard to pick a favorite out of all of the, but the ones I like the most are Beast (Beauty & the Beast) and The Creeper (From Batman Animated series) I’m pretty proud of the way they came out. 😀

Supernatural winchester
These Idjits make wonderful muses.

What sorts of mediums do you work in?

For my Digital Prints, I sketch and ink everything out, and then I finish everything up on my Adobe Illustrator. For my Paintings, I use Acrylic on Canvas.  And, when I do random doddles, I use everything from Prisma Markers, to Sharpies, to Bic makers, and regular pens.

What were some of your earliest “nerd” memories?

Hmm, Buying 25cents Archie Comics at the swampmeet with my mom. (Laughs)

rouge x-men
How can something so lethal look so cute?

What were some of your favorite TV Show or movies as a kid?

Thundercats, Mighty Maxx, Double Dragon, T.M.N.T , Street Sharks, Biker Mice From Mars, X-Men.. Any animals that got mutated into humans. lol. There’s a pretty loooooong list.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Pretty much from any and everything.

ninja turtles
Turtle Power!

Do you have a favorite genre to draw?

Well, I love Drawing Comics, But I also love the Random stuff. Things or People, that most would not expect me to draw, such as Frida, Robo Cop, The Predator.

joker harley quinn
Everyone’s favorite couple look even crazier than normal

We met you at Nuke the Fridge, do you work a lot of conventions?

Well, I certainly go to most (shopping). But so far I’ve only done the Nuke the Fridge, Comikaze, and most recently the Designer Con in Pasadena.

What have been your favorite memories of conventions (working or attending)?

Three pop out the most. First year that I went to the San Diego Comic Con. As me and my husband were walking around, I noticed a guy with bright Red hair. I turned and softly nudged my husband (although, he’ll tell you that I smacked him) and asked him “Hey. Isn’t that Gerard Way?”  Yes, the AMAZING writer and creator of Umbrella Academy and The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, also the old singer of this tiny band called My Chemical Romance. And right as I turned back around, he turned as well (Gerard, not my Husband), both of us completely wide eyed and I speechless, for several second. And then he passed me by. And ever since, I keep hating myself for not, at least, confessing my undying love for his comics. (Laughs) The other two, is getting my yearly Picture with the Awesome Seth Green. And lastly, my friend whisking me away behind a curtain to get a picture with the Amazing Bruce Campbell

beast beauty and the beast
The Beast never looked so adorable

Do you commission pieces?

Yes I do do commission pieces. Both, in print, and in Painting. I also do random paintings and my great friends at Sweet Savory in Covina hang them up in their café.


Where can people find you/contact you?

I work Every Wednesday and Saturday at Frank and Son’s Collectible Show in the City of Industry. You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. And of course my email: Michelliezoid@yahoo.com

Instagram- @michelliezoid

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/michelliezoid?fref=ts

Twitter- https://twitter.com/michelliezoid

Email- michelliezoid@yahoo.com




Photos via- https://www.facebook.com/michelliezoid/photos_all

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