Lego Treats

Advisory- We are in no way professionals; in fact, I’d say we’re noobs at cooking/baking/food & drink-making. So we’ll have our foibles, but we make the mistakes so that you don’t have to! Plus, if we can make it, so can you!

Who didn’t grow up playing with Legos? They’re a pastime that transcends gender, culture, and generations. We built and rebuilt worlds of our imagination, giving life and story to our Lego creations. Now we even get to watch computer-animated movies set within Lego-built worlds, like Lego Ninjago.

Feeling inspired by all things Lego, Melody and I made some goodie bags that would be ideal movie watching snacks for all ages.

Let us know what you think and if you make any of these awesome treats!


Lego Brick Rice Krispy treats:

  •       6 cups of Rice Krispy cereal
  •       4 cups of mini marshmallow
  •       3 tablespoons of butter
  •       M&Ms
  •       Various colored candy/chocolate melts

Lego Head Marshmallow Pops

  •       Large marshmallows
  •       Mini-marshmallows
  •       Cake pop Sticks
  •       Yellow candy melts
  •       Semi-sweet chocolate chips

Colorful Popcorn Mix

  •       Various colored candy/chocolate melts
  •       Microwave Popcorn


  •       Small Microwave-safe mixing bowls and glasses
  •       Large Pot
  •       Heat-safe spoons and spatulas
  •       Cake Pop Sticks
  •       Cellophane Bags with ties


(Advisory: Melody and I made multiple treats as we went. We felt it was best to let some treats cool and set as we worked on others. Feel free to multitask as you feel comfortable.)

Lego Brick Rice Krispy Treats

First we worked on the Rice Krispy treats.

In a large pot, melt butter over medium low heat. Slowly mix in the mini marshmallows, making sure to stir continuously until the marshmallow is smooth. Then, turn off the heat and mix in the cereal (about a cup at a time). Stir until marshmallow is evenly mixed with the cereal. When cereal is thoroughly coated, spread on a sheet pan lined with parchment or waxed paper (a little cookie spray will keep the treats from sticking to your tray or hands).

Let Rice Krispy treats cool until you’re ready to decorate.

We cut our Rice Krispy treats after they were fully chilled, but you could cut at any time. Shape the treats into rectangles and squares to mirror the shapes of Lego bricks. Ours weren’t perfectly straight, but we figured our kids wouldn’t care.

Next, melt the candy melts. (We chose to go with green, blue, and red candy melts. We found these at a baking supply store.) Working quickly, add a drop of melted candy to the M&Ms and arrange them into patterns imitating Lego studs. (Beware: if you leave Melody or children alone, the candy and candy melts will be eaten.)

Once the candy melts set (solidify), dip each brick into one of the three colors, coating the topside of each Rice Krispy treat. Fully coat the M&Ms/studs and tap out any air pockets formed after dipping. Carefully handle each treat as they are prone to crumbling.

We left them to cool on a wire rack as we finished up the other recipes.

Lego Head Marshmallow Pops

First, melt yellow candy melts in a narrow microwave-safe glass. You want something wider and deeper than the large marshmallows, so, that they are able to fully submerge in the melted candy. We used a 1 cup measuring glass, but you will only need ½ a cup of melted candy melts.

Using kitchen scissors, cut the mini-marshmallows in half. (You can try freezing them to cut straighter halves but it’s okay if they’re a little crooked—the kids won’t care… ours didn’t!). Add a drop of melted candy to bond the large marshmallow with a mini-marshmallow half. Then dip the cake pop stick in the melted candy and twist it into the underside of the large marshmallow.

Let these cool until the candy melt is set (this prevents the marshmallow pieces from separating and ensures the cake pop stick will stay secure during the dipping process.) You will need to reheat the candy melt as you go, just 10-15 seconds in the microwave should return the candy to a smooth, melty consistency.

Next, dunk the marshmallow “head” into the yellow candy melt, fully submerging it. You will want to tap and rotate the marshmallow “head” against the side of the glass. This will ensure an even coat of candy melt. Leave these to cool and set in a cake pop stand. (If, like us, you don’t have one, an overturned box will work. Just cut X marks around the bottom to punch the cake pop stick through.)

Lastly, melt chocolate chips (dark/black candy melts would work, too) and use a toothpick to draw on Lego faces. If the chocolate is too difficult to draw with, add a little bit of oil or shortening to smooth it out. Let cool completely before adding to goodie bag (or the faces will smudge.)

Colorful Candy Popcorn

With our leftover candy melts (we had a lot), we decided to add some colorful popcorn to our Goodie Bags. We went with a kettle corn-flavored, microwave popcorn. Make sure to fish out any unpopped kernels before decorating. Reheat the candy melts until smooth enough to drizzle, using up each color as you go. You want to build layers of candy on the popcorn. Let cool completely before breaking up the candy-coated popcorn.

Lego Goodie Bags

In a “candy apple” sized cellophane bag, add ½ a cup of the colorful popcorn. Next, choose 2-3 Lego Brick Rice Krispy Treats to add to the cellophane bag. We wanted to alternate colors and shapes to make each bag unique. Once the Lego Heads are fully set, add them to the cellophane bag.

The bags get pretty full by this point, so, finish them off with a metallic gold twisty tie.


This was a fun, “no-bake” recipe that would be easy to do with kids of all ages. (Make sure an adult is doing the heavy melting.) Once you get the hang of working with the candy melts, it’s fairly easy to get a rhythm going while assembling the treats.

Melody is a master dipper; she coated the bricks at lightning speed, but found that getting a smooth finish was difficult. A meltier candy melt would make things smooth out easier, but beware of burning the melts. As with the chocolate, oil or shortening could be added but you don’t want to add too much or it might affect the taste. We did notice some of our candy-coated bricks set with a mild film/cloudy look to them. We’re not sure where we went wrong with these. But we figured, our kids wouldn’t care!

Also, a little goes a long way when coating, but to get things to stick together, you will need more than you think!

You’ll need a lot of time to let the candy melts set, so, make sure to plan accordingly. We found that starting one project and then moving to another worked for us, but we often ran out of space to work.

These treats are fun and kid-friendly, and we can’t wait to take our kids to enjoy these treats while watching Lego Ninjago!

*Author’s Note: We don’t actually have kids, but our man-children (significant others) loved them!*


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