Harry Potter Inspired Cups You Can’t Find on Etsy Anymore

If you’re anything like me (and chances are that you are) you spend most of your time searching through Etsy or Pinterest (follow us!) pinning crafts that you can’t afford and will never attempt yourself. Well, this very thing happened to me when I came across our very own pin of a very old article (so old you can find it anymore) about an Etsy shop that sold all things tea cups. I was a little devastated when I searched for the store and came up empty handed, I seriously wanted these Harry Potter cups. I wanted them so much that I decided if I could buy them I was going to make my very own version for myself.

Here we have our inspiration photo found on Pinterest:

harry potter moony wormtail padfoot prongs

This design was created by A Bird in the Hand who, as far as my immense Googling can tell, is no longer in business. I decided that I just had to have these Harry Potter cups and really had no choice but to take matters in to my own hands to get them. Follow me now as I take you through the (surprisingly easy) journey of making my very own Harry Potter inspired tea cups!


What You’ll Need:

crafts diy cups paint pen
You don’t need much to make awesome crafts!


Plain Cups

Paint Marker


Step One: Mimicus Etsiosa

99 cent store crafts diy cups
so many potential crafts

You can use these steps to make literally ANY design you’d like but I’ve already given you my inspiration. The first thing I did was take a trip to my local 99 Cent Store and purchased the nicest cups I could find. The 99 Cent Store has some pretty nice cups so don’t count them out, especially if you’re crafting on a budget.

BTW, the 99 Cent Store is not a sponsor, so they aren’t paying me to say all this but, hey, if they wanna sponsor us I’m all for it!



Step Two: Designum Totallis

Slow and steady wins…the…craft.

Now for the design. I went ahead and used the nicknames of everyone’s favorite Marauder’s on one side and some Harry Potter inspired symbols on the other. You’ll need a steady hand and some patience to get them done to your liking. The good thing about using these paint markers is that they don’t dry right away. So, even if you do mess up, you can just wipe it off and try again!


Step Three: Flagrante

harry potter crafts moony wormtail padfoot prongs
It’s getting hot in here!

Once you are happy with all your designs, it’s time to make sure they don’t disappear. We do this by baking them in a conventional oven at 350°F for 30 minutes. Let them cool in the oven as well for about another 30 minutes before you try to take them out or wash them.


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Now, I don’t own a dishwasher, so I couldn’t put this part to the test, but they are supposed to be dishwasher-safe. I’ll let you guys test that one out for me.



And that’s it; you’re done! I was VERY surprised how easy these were to make and how well they came out (if I do say so for myself). With the holidays coming up these would make a great gift for the Harry-Potter-loving-tea-drinker in your life!


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If you’re searching for more Harry Potter inspired crafts check out how to make your very own floating candles here! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to tag us using #6NCDIY if you make any of our DIYs for yourself!


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