Ideas On How To DIY Your Nerdy Wedding Centerpieces

Welcome to My Big Fat Geek Wedding!  As many of you can attest to, being a nerd isn’t a side job – it’s a lifestyle! And as a result, many of our geek fancies naturally made their way into our weddings. One of the main components in the decor planning process is figuring out centerpieces! Whether you decide to go with natural flora or with a non-traditional centerpiece, we have plenty of inspiration for how you can incorporate your geek passions into your centerpieces!

Mindy’s Centerpieces Inspired by Various Nerdy Properties

For my wedding, I wanted to make sure the hubs and I were well represented through our favorite fandoms and past times. Each table’s centerpiece reflected a different property we loved. To create some cohesion, there were a few elements each table had: a small vase of wintery flowers, a wood round, a Funko Pop! vinyl figurine, and tealights. The rest of the centerpieces was made up of little knick knacks (found either in random shops or on Amazon) that had to do with the table’s theme. So for my Sherlock table, there was a little vase of flowers (bought either at Michael’s or at Afloral), a teacup with a tealight inside, a Sherlock figurine, a tiny violin (found on Amazon), and a magnifying glass (randomly found at a World Market one day).

DIY Sherlock Nerdy Wedding Centerpiece

One of our simpler tables was an ode to Tatooine, signified by two glass cylinders filled with sand with a tealight each (representing the two suns), an R2D2 figurine, two “sand” igloos, and a vase with flowers all on top of a wood round.  Everything was from Michael’s except for the figurine and igloos, which were both bought on Amazon.

DIY Star Wars Wedding Centerpiece

My husband’s favorite centerpiece was for our Pirates of the Caribbean table, which had two pirate flags, a mini telescope, a gold medallion, and gold chocolate coins in a wooden chest.  Everything except for the chest was bought on Amazon.  The chest was from Michael’s (anyone seeing a pattern here?).

DIY Pirates of the Caribbean Wedding Centerpiece

Making our own centerpieces seemed like a daunting task until we actually started brainstorming some ideas.  It was a lot of fun putting them together and finding things that we thought would work.  The great thing is that people loved the knick knacks and took almost everything home – including those sand-filled cylinders!

Angie’s Disney Movie Centerpieces

Traditional floral centerpieces are expensive, and it was something I knew I didn’t want for my wedding day. To go along with our Disney theme, I decided to make each table representative of a Disney couple that my husband and I love. For example, my hub’s favorite Disney movie is Lady and the Tramp, so we had a centerpiece display of a cute dog bowl filled with fake flowers surrounded by gold candlestick holders with long white candles. I am not the crafty one of the bunch, but it certainly helps to have crafty friends. Whatever I couldn’t find at a thrift store, my friends would help me DIY (really they did most of the work while I served them wine). I cannot stress enough that thrift stores are a great, generally inexpensive place to find cool items for centerpieces. Just make sure you’re starting your search with enough time since you never what you’ll find and when!

Disney wedding centerpiece - 6 Nerdy Chicks

Jessica’s Doctor Who Inspired Touches

My wedding did not have a particular theme, but I did have nerdy touches throughout the day. I knew I wanted to incorporate Doctor Who somehow, while still keeping with the tiny touch trend. I was able to accomplish this with a super cute T.A.R.D.I.S pen I found at Hot Topic (you can find them here). I decided to incorporate them into my large flower centerpieces on the tables and around the room. Since they are pens, they were able to slide in nicely among the flowers in the vases. One of my base colors was a true navy blue, so the little blue addition fit in perfectly with the rest of color scheme. A bonus on this little hint of nerd was that the guests could take the pen home! Functional and adorable.


Melody’s Peter Pan Inspired Centerpieces

For my Peter Pan wedding, I based my centerpieces on the various whimsical locations of the Peter Pan mythology. First, to ensure that the tables seemed like they were part of the same wedding, I started with the unifying pieces at each table: a wood round (thanks Mindy!) and a moss/flower covered candlestick. I’d seen a lot of woodsy looking overgrown candlesticks on Pinterest that reminded me of Neverland, which inspired me to make my own!

To make these, I hot glued moss all over some styrofoam half balls, and then I added some paper flowers, eucalyptus leaves and other silk flora I liked also with hot glue. Then, I just glued these creations to the candlesticks! I complemented the candlesticks with mason jars filled with more moss and beautiful fairy lights. Last, I added some unique items at each table to represent that table’s location, such as a small stuffed bear, antique book, and musical box for the Darling’s Nursery. If you plan to do something similar, antique and thrift stores are the best place to search, and it just takes patience, searching, and imagination!Peter Pan themed wedding


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