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This week for Gamer Noob, I played Night of the Grand Octopus. I have wanted this game forever! I had been told about a while ago and have been pinning for it ever since. This is an older game, and came out around 4 years ago, but I loved the theme so much I had to have it. I got mine on Amazon during a sale, but its sold on Amazon for $34  and on the iello website for $32. I played it right when it arrived; this is what I learned:

Night of the Grand Octopus, Board Games Interactive goodness

This game is super fun and very interactive. Each player has a lot to think about and choose between each turn. The story is that there is a Grand Octopus who was sent to the bottom of the ocean a very long time ago. This mystical creature is now reaching out through the dreams of weaker-minded beings to help him (or her) rise again. These beings have each started their own cult. Each cult has two parts: the cultist pawn (small), which is the head of the cult, and the offspring pawn (large), which was born from the Grand Octopus. The goal is for one cult to collect four of the six mystical items needed to bring the octopus leader back. To do this, you need to maneuver around a very whimsical university and its six rooms. Each room has its own item. To move around, each player has a command clock; you move the hands of your clock to the rooms you will enter. Each player also has a cult power marker. This marker goes on the Dagger of Power with the other player’s power markers; this is basically how you measure your life points. You have to use your brain in the game because you have to try and figure out which rooms your opponents are going to go into. If you are successful and land your offspring pawn in the same room as someone else’s cultist pawn, they do not get the item, and they lose a power point (same goes if this happens to you). If your cultist pawn (specifically) is alone in a room, you get the item for that room. The first to collect four items wins.

Night of the Grand Octopus, Board Games


Third time is the charm

So… there were four of us playing (5 total can play), and it took us three attempts to get it right. There are a lot of specific rules for each of the pawns, and rules for what happens when the different combinations of pawns land in the rooms. There is also a seventh room that is put into play, and it is a magical room. This comes in the form of two circle board additions. Both are double-sided to equal four different location choices. Each location has different rules and stipulations for landing on it. One heals, another allows you to trade stuff, and another lets you harm someone else. We did not get that part right till the third time. Now, you might be thinking playing three times would have taken forever, but actually, each game takes about 20 minutes, maybe 30 minutes if you take forever with your strategy. This is a super quick game once you figure out how to play it.

Night of the Grand Octopus, Board Games


Looks can be deceiving

This game is adorable. The illustrations, game pieces, board, and everything else are just super cute. The larger offspring pawns looks like bears, but up close, they are just the cutest octopus creatures ever. From the outside, this game looks like it was made for kids, and it fact, the box does say 7 years and older; however, I would suggest a little bit older. I’m not saying kids can’t play. I’m just saying maybe a 12 year old would have a better time figuring it out. It would also work if you were on teams with the kids because kids would really love this game. I love this game. I love how quick it was, and I love all the colors and the amazing artwork. I love that you have to use your brain and really think about the moves you want to make. There are no cards or dice, so you have to interact with the pieces more than other games. I love the command clock because it helps you visualize where you want to go. Overall, this game is awesome, and I can not wait to play again.

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