DIY – Weeping Angel Tree Topper

Have you ever wanted something that would really set your Christmas tree into fandom awesomeness? If so, I have just the tree topper for you! The Doctor Who Weeping Angel in tree topper form is the perfect little something extra to add to your holiday. Yes, it is a little creepy, but it’s a lot more timey wimey. I followed the YouTube tutorial made by Katie Campshure and had some pretty great results. I will break everything down for you here.

You will need:

Weeping Angel, Tree Topper, Doctor Who

  • Two sheets of craft foam (grey is best)
  • Fabric (I used tulle and didn’t like it)
  • Hot glue
  • Superglue
  • Barbie (or equivalent)
  • Stone Spray Paint
  • Scissors
  • Lighter

Some steps before painting:

Cut off the doll’s hair, Weeping angels have a very short wavy hair. I followed Katie’s directions and put some hot glue and a head band (hot glue and tulle) to match a standard Weeping Angel look.

Heat the elbows of the doll to make them flexible. The doll’s arms are not very flexible, so you will need to heat them to make them move better. I did this step too soon and the arms cooled and I had to do it again. I also suggest heating the arms right when you are ready to glue to the face. The superglue is used to glue the hands to the face because the arms want to spring back and hot glue is too weak. In the video she uses a rubber band to hold the hands to the face, I did not have one. Needless to say, I super glued stone spray paint to my fingers.

Make the cone that will hold the doll on the tree. Do this by placing the doll on the foam sheet and marking where her feet fall. Glue the foam into a cone shape and cut into shape.

Weeping Angel, Tree Topper, Doctor Who

Make the wings. I used the height of the doll and an image of a Weeping Angel to sketch out the wings. I folded the foam in half and cut them out. I added some embellishments with the foam and hot glue to make them look more feather-like.

Weeping Angel, Tree Topper, Doctor Who

Put it all together

Once the hands are dry, put the doll in the cone. Add a bead of glue to the back of the cone and her back to keep in place.

I did not make her dress before I glued the hands, so I had to get creative to get her dressed. Weeping angels wear a simple dress with a belted waist. It would have been much easier if I had put the dress on first.

Next glue on the wings. I centered mine on her back, and they were perfect.


Weeping Angel, Tree Topper, Doctor Who

With everything on the doll, you can start to paint. The stone paint is pretty awesome and works best with thin coats over time. I think I did 4 coats over the period of 2 hours. It did dry pretty quickly, but I still let her sit overnight because the paint was tacky for a long time.

When you are painting, make sure to get all the little creases of her hair, under her arms, and the little bits of the wings that are hiding.

Final Thoughts

Some changes I would make when I make this again:

Put her dress on first and then glue her hands to her face.

Do not paint until all the way finished. I sprayed her face before I glued her hands, it was a disaster.

I would not use tulle. I really like the way she looks but I think a plain thin fabric would have been better.

Otherwise, I think she came out great, and Katie’s tutorial is fantastic. This craft is not labor intensive; it just takes a lot of waiting time.

Weeping Angel, Tree Topper, Doctor Who

Jess Walls

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