DIY Undertale Flowey Plush

Undertale has been a big hit in my house, and like every new obsession my son comes up with, this means a lot of toys that need to be purchased. The only problem is, I can’t seem to find any (reasonably priced) Undertale merch that doesn’t take 6 weeks to get here. So, as is my usual solution, I’ve decided to make my own! This craft requires some basic sewing skills and can be done by hand but would be much easier with a sewing machine. I chose the hand sewing route, and it turned out just fine, so let us craft!

What You’ll Need:

flowey materials

Felt (yellow, black, white, and green)





Thread (white, black, white, and green)

Flowey Pattern (provided below)

Printer (to print pattern)


Step 1: Print Out Your Pattern

I decided it would be easiest (ha!) to make my own pattern for this little guy, seeing as how he’s only a few basic shapes. I’ve provided my masterpiece for you. This pattern will make him about 9-10” long in the end. You can download my template here!


Step 2: Cut Out Your Pattern

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Now we cut out the pattern using the corresponding colors.

You’ll need the following:

2- White Circles

2- Green Rectangles

12- Yellow Teardrops


Step 3: Let’s Get Sewing

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Pin and sew the colors to their counterparts: white to white, green to green, and yellow to yellow. Be sure to leave a small opening in each piece so you can turn them inside out. This will make it so the seams are on the inside and give it a more polished look. I used a running stitch for this part since it will all be hidden when it’s inside out. Here’s a guide on how to do that. This part is SO MUCH faster with a sewing machine, but I did it all by hand.


Step 4: Turn Your Pieces Inside Out

Flowey undertale plush diy


This part is self-explanatory. Turn those puppies inside out and get ready for the next step!


Step 5: Stuff It

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This is another part where the little hole we left comes in handy; we gotta stuff it. Fill your pieces with the stuffing until you’re happy with it. You want it to be sturdy but not so overstuffed that the seams burst or can’t be sewn together. I used a Ladder Stitch to close this part so the seam wouldn’t be seen. Here’s a little tutorial on how to do that.

Repeat with all your pieces until they’re all nice and fluffy.


Step 6: Assemble!

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Now the fun begins. We’re finally going to start to see this baby coming together. I started with the petals. I placed them on our circle in the position I wanted them in; then, one by one, I stitched them on using our good friend the ladder stitch. It will look messy, but the stem will cover most of it, so it won’t be too bad. Take your time with this part; it will take a while since it must be done by hand.

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After the petals are nice and secure, go ahead and attach the stem using the same technique. After the stem is attached, be sure to close the bottom using the ladder stitch.


Step 7: Face Off…Or…On?

Evil flower plush


The final step in our little tutorial is a cutie. Time to serve some face. Now, I didn’t make a template of this part because, well, I didn’t think about it until I was at this part, but it was easy enough to just trace and cut out. My Flowey happens to be Evil Flowey so that is why his face looks so devilishly cute. You can use any version of Flowey you like; we just happen to like creepy cool things in this house.

Anywho, I just traced, cut out, and sewed on Flowey’s evil grin using a technique I call “just hide the string.” I wasn’t too technical about this, and most seamstresses would probably face-palm hard watching me do it, but hey, it worked! Do what you gotta do, boo.


And that’s it; you’re done! A sewing machine would also make this look much cleaner, but this little guy came out super cute, if I do say so myself, and was a big hit with my biggest critic—my son.  Here he is with his newest favorite plush.

Evil flowey plush


Be sure to tag us using #6NCDIY if you decide to make this adorable little monster, and let us know who YOUR favorite Undertale character is in the comments!


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