How to DIY Your Own Custom Nerdy Doormat

Anyone browsing through pinterest’s home decor pins might have noticed that doormats seem to be the latest design craze.  Since the doormat sits right on the front porch, it is a part of the first impression guests have of your home, and using the right one can tie in your exterior look.  Luckily for us, it’s also very cheap to DIY one to fit your tastes.  Here is how I made my awesome Lord of the Rings inspired doormat for next to nothing.

DIY Custom Doormat

What you’ll need:

  • Doormat (the specific one I used is currently $10 at IKEA and is called the TRAMPA, but I also picked up a plain black mat at Home Depot for $3)
  • Outdoor Acrylic Paint (the color will depend on your mat. Depending on the pile (the density/length of fibers) you may need a lot of paint. My TRAMPA doormat has a very high pile, so I needed 4 oz; shorter piles may need less)
  • Sponge Paint Brush
  • Sticky Vinyl (or anything else to make a stencil; just be aware that it’s much easier if it can stick to the mat while you do your painting)

1) Make a Stencil & Attach to Doormat

I used my silhouette to cut out my quote onto the vinyl. The vinyl I used is fairly sticky and stiff so I knew it would make an okay stencil to paint over. Depending on the design it would be possible to use an exacto knife to carve out the design, so a cutting machine isn’t always necessary.

I did need a little help getting the stencil onto my doormat because it kept sticking to itself. I absolutely could have used transfer paper to make this easier, but I figured that out a little too late.

Also it’s worth noting that I cut my doormat in half using a boxcutter because the size of the TRAMPA is quite large. Half was perfect for my doorway, and I can use the other half for a different design – two doormats for the price of one!


2) Dab the Paint Onto the Doormat

Using the sponge brush, carefully dab the paint onto the doormat. I made sure the vinyl was pressed firmly onto the doormat before starting, and because my doormat had such a high pile I used pins in some corners to make sure they didn’t move around.  Also because my doormat was so thick, I really needed to glob the paint onto  the stencil so it could drip down far enough to cover the brown. Lower pile doormats won’t have this issue.

DIY Doormat

It’s also worth noting that I worked on the doormat in sections. I did the focus word first and did the outlining words after it had dried.


3) Let Dry and Carefully Peel

DIY Doormat

My doormat took a while to dry because of the amount of paint I needed to put on there. I did remove the stencil once the paint on the actual stencil had dried and let the mat finish drying on its own.


4) Enjoy!

I used an outdoor rug underneath my doormat to tie it in to my anticipated winter decor.  Right now our front patio has dirty red carpet glued to the concrete (previous owner’s doing, not mine!) so I definitely wanted something else to help make the mat pop.

DIY Doormat

And that’s it! As I’ve said before this is a wonderful, cheap way to spruce up your patio and show off your nerd pride. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments, and if you end up nerdifying your doorway, I’d love to see your end result! Reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook to show us your nerdy creations!

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