Disney’s Coco is the Hug Everyone Needs This Thanksgiving.

Disney Pixar’s Coco is a mesmerising film. It is about going all out for your dreams and the importance of family. As is the standard for Pixar movies, Coco made me laugh through the entire movie, and left me with tears in just the right moments. This movie takes place during the preparation for Dia de los Muertos in Mexico.  Miguel and his family are shoemakers who have been hurt by music in the past, so they do not allow it in their home. Of course, the young Miguel wants to be a musician and will not let anything get in his way, even ending up in the land of the dead. Part of the authenticity of this movie is that it was developed using an entire Latin cast, which is a fantastic move forward.

Memorable Characters

The whole film is about Miguel and his family. This family is made up of wonderfully developed characters who help to mold the story and Miguel. One of my favorites is Abuelita (Renee Victor), who is the monarch of the family. She has a wonderfully strong personality as she is trying to make for a wonderful holiday for her family while keeping Miguel focused on what is best. Another favorite is Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez), who we follow on his journey of self-determination. He has the same strong personality that Abuelita has, and you just know that the strong women in his life raised him well. The best character in the entire film (for me at least) is Dante, the Mexican hairless dog. I mean, if there is a dog, it is going to be my favorite, but THIS dog captured my heart over and over again in the movie. He is the cause of some of those laughs and tears.

Disney's Coco

Beautiful Art

I could watch this movie with no sound, and I seriously want to decorate my walls with stills from this beautiful film. It has to be one of the most beautiful things I have seen in awhile. The land of the dead is so colorful,vibrant, and happy. It is full of gorgeous scenery that makes you a little jealous of the dead. Aside from the scenery, the characters themselves are extremely well done. The departed family members are all skeletons with hints of the personalities embedded into their design. The living family members are also expertly designed, down to every last wrinkle.

Disney's Coco

Wonderful Sentiment

This film is about family and the importance of family. It teaches the children who go to watch that family does not always need to be easy, but it needs to be important. It shows that family can be dysfunctional, but there still needs to be forgiveness and gratitude. I had wondered why the film did not come out closer to the DIa de los Muertos holiday, but after watching it I realized  the Thanksgiving holiday was the perfect week to release this film as it encompasses all the same meaning as the holiday. Plus, culturally, The Dia de Los Muertos holiday focuses on the importance of honoring family and those who have passed on.

Disney's Coco

Here is the trailer if you want to take a peek!

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