Deliciously Patriotic Captain America Cookies

If you’re like me, you’re counting down the days until the next Avengers movie comes out. To hold myself over until then I thought I would distract myself with some homemade cookies! Even better, Captain America inspired cookies! You could make these for the premiere, 4th of July, or, you know, a Wednesday! Enjoy!

What you’ll need:

captain america infinity wars

  • Sugar cookie mix (and ingredients needed)
  • Red food dye
  • Cling film
  • Baking sheet
  • Parchment paper
  • Blue m&m’s

Step One: Follow Directions

First things first, we’ll make our cookie dough. I used prepackaged but just go with your fave recipe.

Step Two: Divide and Conquer

captain america infinity wars

One the dough is all mixed together, we’re gonna divide it up! Make sure you make one piece is bigger than the other.


Step Three: You Red my Mind

captain america infinity wars

Take the bigger pile of dough and dye it red! Once it’s dyed, wrap both pieces in cling film and put in the fridge for 30-45 minutes.

Step Four: Chilled Out

captain america infinity wars

Once your dough is nice and chilled, we’re gonna roll it out. Take a small piece of the red and roll it out into a cylinder.

Step Five: Rollin’ with the Punches

captain america infinity wars

Now we’re gonna wrap the red dough in some white dough. Take the white and roll it flat to about a centimeter thickness. Place the red cylinder in the middle and roll until the edges meet. If they overlap just go ahead and cut away the excess! Roll until the seam disappears.

Step Six: Rinse. Repeat.

Now, we’re gonna to the same thing with the rest of the red dough. Just go ahead and repeat the last step with the red dough and (now) white cylinder. Once that’s done put in the fridge for 20-30 minutes

Step Seven: First Cut is the Deepest

captain america infinity wars

So, you’re roll is gonna look a little weird and it’s okay if the edges are kinda wonky. We’re gonna cut away those edges anyway. Slice off the edges until you see the design inside. Then cut slices of the dough about a ½ inch thick.

Step Eight: Shake and Bake (but try not to shake)

captain america infinity wars

Now we’re gonna bake them cookies! Follow the directions for whatever recipe you’re using.

Step Nine: Finishing Touches

captain america infinity wars

Once your cookies are cooked take them out to cool, once they’re ALMOST all the way cool, you’re gonna add the little M&M to the middle. Don’t wait too long or the candy will just fall off, if you do it too soon the candy will melt. You gotta be all Goldilocks about it and do it when it’s juuuuust right.


captain america infinity wars

And that’s it; you’re done! Not terribly simple but so worth it in the end! Tastes like freedom!

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