9 Catchy K-pop Beats the DCEU Needs to Use

Kpop (Korean pop music) fans got a very pleasant surprise in Justice League when the introduction of Barry Allen was punctuated with the beginning beats of girl group BLACKPINK’s song “As if it’s Your Last”. The music video even plays in the background, making the ladies of BLACKPINK an official part of the DCEU universe. This isn’t the first time that Kpop and American cinema have mixed; previously the Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” was featured in Penguins of Madagascar, and Kpop singer Rain has had roles in Speed Racer and Ninja’s Assassin. And with the ever growing international popularity of Kpop, the DCEU seems to have made a smart decision in including it into the Justice League soundtrack.

But why stop there? There are thousands of great Kpop songs that would feel right at home in any superhero movie, and every day, more and more people are joining the Kpop phenomenon.  Here are 9 other catchy Kpop beats that the DCEU can take advantage of.

9) BLACKPINK – “Boombayah”

“As if it’s Your Last” isn’t the only fantastic beat that’s come out of BLACKPINK’s discography. In fact, many of their songs have a hard-hitting, ridiculously catchy chorus. Their debut song “Boombayah” exploded onto the Kpop scene with its unique sound and propelled the girls into household name status. Justice League used “As if it’s Your Last” during the introduction of Barry Allen and BLACKPINK was shown on one of his monitors, suggesting that he might be a fan. If Barry’s a BLACKPINK fan, we should definitely see some Boombayah in his upcoming films.


8) BIGBANG – “Fantastic Baby”

“Fantastic Baby” took the world by storm in 2012 with its interesting concept and catchphrases.  The boys of BIGBANG have always been known for their unique style, but they turned it up for the music video, elevating the song’s success. If you’ve ever wondered why many Kpop fans often utter the phrases “wow, fantastic baby” and “boom shakalaka,” this song has your answer. The hard hitting song would be great background music at a club, a la Suicide Squad, because its ridiculously catchy melody can definitely get a crowd dancing.

7) Jessi – “Ssenunni”

A Jersey girl at heart, Jessi is more known for her strong personality off stage than her performances on stage. However, her first rap solo “Ssenunni” (roughly translated to ‘tough girl’ or ‘fierce girl’) definitely packs a punch. This is the perfect song to go over a training or fighting montage – the lyrics even specifically reference Ronda Rousey!


6) EXID – “DDD”

And if any studios need a song that screams “sexy,” this one will definitely fit the bill. The women of EXID are known for for their risque concepts (one of their dance moves was banned from broadcast TV because it was bit too sexy), but “DDD” takes it to the next level with its sensual beat. This could be the go-to song for introducing any new badass female character; I can see this fitting a villain such as Catwoman.


5) GD & Taeyang – “Good Boy”

GD (short for G Dragon) and Taeyang are two of the members in BIGBANG, and though their main group has made other appearances on this list none of their songs have the same vibe as when these two collaborate. “Good Boy” is a song with a slow yet bouncy beat, and it sounds like it would be perfect for that one sequence where the characters walk toward the camera in slow motion (you know every movie has one!).


4) EXO – “Growl”

EXO’s “Growl” is different from most of the others songs on this list as it’s a bit funkier and low key. This song is the definition of smooth. This isn’t the song that you’d play during a training montage, but it’s absolutely the song you’d play when smooth-talking, suit-wearing billionaires such as Batman exit a limo and make an entrance into a party.


3) 4Minute – “Crazy”

4minute have their share of catchy tunes, and this actually isn’t the song with the best drop (look up “Hate” for that one), but “Crazy” is a song that starts off fast and doesn’t ever let up.  As the title suggests this song is about a person who feels like going a little crazy, and the hectic melody adds to that sentiment. This song would be the perfect backdrop one of the DCEU’s unpredictably crazy villains such as Harley Quinn. Can’t you just see her smashing windows (and maybe some faces) to the beat of this song?


2) 2NE1 – “I Am The Best”

The award for the most well known Kpop beat may go to 2NE1’s “I am the Best” as it has already appeared in mainstream culture through shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and commercials for Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3. Upon listening it’s clear why so many franchises have chosen this song; the beat gives an immediate feeling of confidence while simultaneously being insanely catchy. If any superhero films need a song that can instantly hype up an audience for an upcoming showdown, this one’s it.


1) BIGBANG – “Bang Bang Bang”

BIGBANG makes their second appearance on this list and takes the top spot with “Bang Bang Bang”, the breakout song of 2015.  The song hooks you in immediately with its first new notes, and the song just gets crazier from there, incorporating synth, horns, and chants to eventually culminate in the trap-heavy chorus. The music video is full of imagery that wouldn’t look out of place in a highly stylized superhero movie such as Suicide Squad, proving this would be a fitting song to include in a DCEU soundtrack.


Did your favorite Kpop song make the list?  What are some other tunes you’d love to see included in a superhero movie?  We’d love to hear your thoughts!  Blinks, VIPs, 4NIA, and ARMYs unite! (In case you were wondering, those were the fandom names for some of the most popular Kpop groups).  Leave a comment explaining what hot track we’ve missed, or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter!

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