Calling All Cat Ladies: Make Your Own Halloween Cat Banner!

DIY Halloween Cat Banner

When it comes to Halloween decorations, there are a few tried and true staples: pumpkins, skeletons, ghosts, bats, and (my personal favorite) black cats. Any sane cat owner would take this opportunity as an excuse to cat-ify their entire household – and that is exactly what I am doing. And what better way to show off your love for felines than through a cat banner? Let’s make a Halloween banner featuring some of our favorite nerdy cats!

For this project, I narrowed my favorites to the Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland), Meowth (Pokemon), Luna (Sailor Moon), and Jiji  (Kiki’s Delivery Service). You’re more than welcome to use any other felines you fancy.

1) Choose Paper

DIY Halloween Cat Banner - Halloween Paper

This project was inspired by a sale at Michael’s – all Halloween items were 50% off (uh, yes please), and this cute mini Halloween cardstock pad was screaming my name. I chose to only use the prints with orange backgrounds to make it look cohesive.

I chose a solid black for the background to make it look less busy.

2) Cut Pendants

DIY Halloween Cat Banner Pendants

I chose a two-prong pendant shape for this project, but you can use any shape you’d like. Make sure you cut the inner pendants to be slightly smaller than the outer ones – I made my orange pendants about 4 inches tall and the black pendants 5 inches tall. This allowed my cats to be about 3 inches in height, which I felt was a good size.

3) Cut Out Cat Silhouettes

DIY Halloween Cat Banner

I personally used a silhouette machine to cut out the cats on vinyl, but you can hand cut them on cardstock. I would advise to use chunkier outlines as some of the thinner lines on my cats disappeared (some of luna’s whiskers and Jiji’s ears were casualties).

4) Glue Together & Punch Holes

DIY Halloween Cat Banner

Glue the inner and outer pendants together, and punch holes in the corners.

5) String Together

DIY Halloween Cat Banner

I used twine to string together my cat banner since I have a surplus (they’re leftovers from my wedding in January. Twine city, population: me). Make sure you string it in a way so you don’t have the string going across the front of the pendant. It should be hidden in the back.

6) Hang and enjoy!

DIY Halloween Cat Banner Mantle

Here’s my mantle with the cat banner proudly displayed front and center. You may also notice the little bird in front of the tree is wearing a cat mask. Not pictured: a gigantic black cat that lights up – that’s on our side table because it doesn’t fit on the mantle. We’re officially ready for Halloween!

You may also notice that my mantle has the jar lanterns made last month. I love the pop of color they bring to the mantle, and I highly recommend adding that to your Halloween decor.

Please share with us if you end up cat-ifying your home! Or message us if you have any ideas on how I can sneak a few more kitties into this holiday. Visit our Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest, and show us your nerdy decor!

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