The Best Dogs in T.V. and Movies!

In just a few days we celebrate the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Dog. In honor of this glorious animal, I developed a list of the best fictional dogs (IMHO). These doggos range from animated, the animatronic, and the alien. They are the goodest of boys (unintentionally they are all actually boys), and the best of friends to their counterparts.

10. Pork Chop – Doug

Pork Chop is one of the best dogs we grew up with. He was Doug’s best friend and the Quaildog to his Quailman. He’s very much a trusty sidekick and one to offer cuddles after a long day in high school.

Pork Chop, Doug

9. Fang – Harry Potter

Fang is the best cowardly dog. Fang is full of wrinkles and love with a heart of gold. He loves the whole Potter gang, helping out and just being supportive. He will follow you anywhere, but may need to hide behind you if an unknown creature comes around.

8. Dart – Stranger Things

Yes, Dart is not a dog per se (100% demogorgon), but, Dustin loved and raised him like one and that’s all that matters. Dart did come through in the end with that true dog-like loyalty and helped the kids escape the tunnels. He also had that natural dislike of cats.

Stranger Things

7. Santa’s Little Helper – The Simpsons

Santa’s Little Helper feels like he has been with us forever. He is everyone’s dog as much as he is the Simpson’s. From a discarded race dog, to a (mostly) beloved family pet, Santa’s Little Helper has a spot in our hearts as Bart’s best friend.

The Simpsons

6. Frank – Men in Black

Frank is the best alien in dog form. Frank the pug is one of the most adorable dogs, but without the attitude and demeanor to match. He was a true New Yorker, knew what was up in the alien world, and helped out the M.I.B when they needed some info. I love aliens and I love dogs, so Frank is one of the coolest combos for me.

Men in Black, Pug

5. K-9 – Doctor Who

K-9 the robot dog is best known for his time spent with the Fourth Doctor and later with Sarah Jane Smith. This dog has to be one of the best sidekicks on this list as he had many more abilities than your average dog. He was also very loyal and almost logical to a fault which made for some very entertaining hijinks in the older episodes.

K-9, Doctor Who

4. Padfoot/Sirius Black – Harry Potter

This one hurts deep. Through transfiguration, Sirius Black takes the form of Padfoot to make sure one of his best friends stays safe when he can not control himself. Padfoot then goes on to protect and keep an eye on Harry to make sure no harm came to him. Padfoot takes a dog being part of the family to a new level.

Padfoot, Harry Potter

3. Zero – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Zero is the best ghost dog any Pumpkin King could ask for. He floats, he has a glowing nose, and he sticks by Jack through it all. He is curious, sweet, and a true best friend when Jack doesn’t know how to understand Christmas.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

2. Dante – Coco

Dante is one of the best because he is literally a spirit animal. He guides and protects Miguel though the land of the dead, and when trouble arises, Dante is there to help save the day. Dante was developed with so much imagination and character, that he is truly one of a kind. Please enjoy my all time favorite Pixar short featuring Dante.

1. Dug – Up!

Dug takes the top spot because he is everything a dog should be: kind, loyal, loving, enthusiastic, and entertaining. A dog should love you unconditionally, and Dug loves you even though he just met you. He enjoys a good ball, squirrels, and he can talk!

Up!, Dug

Dogs really are the best, and I hope this coming Year of the Dog brings everyone happiness and joy as that is what dogs bring into our lives. If your favorite dog didn’t make the list, comment below with who I missed!

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