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One of my biggest gripes with major makeup brands doing nerdy collabs (like when MAC did Disney villains) is the major missed opportunities to have clever product names. You can often tell that the people naming the products aren’t necessarily fans. With Dollipop Cosmetics, you can tell these ladies are hardcore FANGIRLS. Every name of every product is thoughtful and imaginative.

Dollipop Cosmetics is an Etsy shop by twins Liz and Jen, who make these mineral makeup products themselves. Their pigments, even with glitter, are 100% safe to use around the eyes and lips. I bought a sampler pack of loose pigments and messaged the ladies to please include at least one that was overtly nerdy themed. They did not disappoint!

Left to Right: Bo, Fae, Sith, Android, Lost Girl, Leroy Jenkins, Dystopia

As you can see, the pigment quality is legit. These swatches were done without eyeshadow primer underneath. Even though I got sample sizes, these will last me for quite some time. At least enough time to play with a couple of looks (maybe even find the perfect nerdy NYE look!)

The standout color that I literally squeed out loud about was Sith. It’s hard to find good, gorgeous reds that are safe for use in the eye area. The picture doesn’t do the glitter justice either—this thing is sparkly! You’ll glow like a light saber. It would also make an excellent lip color. Mix it with a gloss and boom: sexy dark side lips.

The more everyday wear colors of the bunch are Leroy Jenkins, Dystopia, and Lost Girl. Lost Girl would make a great green smoky eye, and you could pair Leroy Jenkins and Dystopia together for a pretty purple/bronze look.

Check out this image from their Facebook of other colors offered on their Etsy store (MUST GET EVIL QUEEN OMG):

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