Spotlight Interview with the Very Talented 1138 Clothing!

Meet 1138 Clothing by Linda Heredia! Linda works with some of the coolest nerdy prints I’ve seen to make some awesome skirts, dresses and custom pieces! We’ve met Linda a few times at a few different conventions, and she is so sweet. You can tell she loves her work and is very accommodating to her customers! Below we’ll get to know a little more about Linda and her work!

Hey Linda! Thanks for letting us get to know you and your work! Let’s get started with some questions!

When did you get started?

I started 1138 Clothing selling only vintage clothing. I love going to thrift shops and finding one of a kind pieces of clothing. I eventually had so much clothes I hadn’t worn, I began to feel neglectful. I wanted to find a home for them were I knew they would be appreciated. So, I opened an Etsy shop and invited people into my “closet” to shop!

Where did the name “1138 Clothing” come from?

I am such a big George Lucas fan. Besides Star Wars being one of my favorite movies I also love his film THX1138. It takes place in the future where everyone is controlled by technology and live by the rules in an underground society. The main character, THX 1138 played by Robert Duvall and his accomplice LUH 3417 played by Maggie McOmie rebel and run away from police robots to find themselves and who they are. So, I thought 1138 Clothing would be a perfect name for a women’s clothing line because girls shouldn’t feel like they can’t be themselves or controlled to wear nerdy things in our society. Girls can be nerds too and we also love playing video games and reading comics!! *\(^o^)/*

1138 clothing

What made you get into making clothes?

It all started in High School. I would buy clothes from thrift stores and alter them to fit me! I knew from there I would want to start making clothing of my own.

Did you start with nerdy prints right away?

After selling out of vintage clothing I started creating my own clothing. I was fabric shopping and I just fell in love with this Marvel Comic Book fabric. I knew it would be the perfect starter fabric to have in the shop. I still love that fabric and it’s our #1 seller!

Do you have a favorite print?

Beside the Marvel fabric, I really love my Luna Lovegood fabric. That fabric is most special to me because my partner Dustin Rhodes and I designed and created that fabric. It was such a fun experience to see our design come to life! You can find that fabric on our shop or on

1138 clothing

What’s your favorite thing to make?

This one is a hard one. I would have to say it would be the suspender skirts because they flatter many different body types!

What/who are some of your inspirations?

I get a lot of my inspiration from vintage clothing and anime street wear. Meaning, I get clothing ideas from anime shows I watch because their clothes are just so colorful and awesome! I also love how old tailoring flatters our body.

What are some of your earliest nerdy memories?

Personally, I can remember as a young girl who grow up with 4 brothers and a ton of guy cousins. Always having to watch and play Ninja Turtles, Batman and Spiderman. Also, having to say “I got next! Ok?” when playing video games with those jerks! Haha. Those were unforgettable times!

1138 clothing

We’ve meet you at a few cons/faires, do you work them a lot, and do you ever get to go as a fan?

I’m fairly new to vending. I honesty only started last year. So, I’ve gone to many conventions and fairs just as a fan! I love going to cons so, whenever I get a chance to go I will!

How can people order from you?

I have an Etsy shop. You can search us under: 1138Clothing

Also, starting soon every Friday I am going to start having “flash sales” where you guys can buy what I have in stock and I will ship it out the next day. So you don’t have to wait for 2 weeks.

Where can people reach you on social media?


Photos courtesy of artist- 1138 Clothing


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