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Like the Winchesters themselves, Supernatural continues to carry on as it heads into its 13th season. While the CW lineup has changed a lot since its series premiere in 2005, Supernatural continues to be a popular show with a devoted following, with many fans growing up with Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester. For the fans that have stuck around till now, it looks like we’re going to have a hell of a season 13, and we’ve got four major predictions for what’s going to happen.

How to Kill Lucifer Pt. 2

The season 5 finale of Supernatural is iconic for many reasons — who could forget Castiel yelling “Hey, assbutt!” to Michael? It also represents one of the greatest sacrifices made by the Winchesters: Sam offers himself to Lucifer as vessel to trap both of them in Lucifer’s cage. A caged Lucifer is much better than one that’s hellbent on destruction. After we go through a soulless Sam phase (let’s not dwell too long on the Leviathan season) and the Dean-mon, and many deaths of loved ones, both Lucifer and Mary Winchester (Sam and Dean’s mom) are back in season 12.

At the end of season 12, Mary and Lucifer are trapped in an apocalyptic alternate world where Sam and Dean were never born. This reality also has a Bobby that’s alive and killing a lot of angels. What we’re looking at here is a potential Mary Winchester/Bobby team-up. We know that Bobby is always drawn to Winchesters — Sam and Dean were practically his sons — and Mary has proven herself to be just as ass-kicking as her sons. The badass in Bobby will likely recognize the badass in Mary, and they will probably work together to end Lucifer.

Something to keep in mind is that the show has a history of killing one of the brothers and bringing him back. However, Dean and Sam have been brought back so many times that it’s kind of losing its narrative power. If Mary sacrifices herself for her boys’ (and the world’s) safety, it would have a similar weight in the sacrifice needed for Lucifer to be put back in the cage or die.

Someone Isn’t Dead

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The rule is if you don’t see a body, assume the character is not dead, but Lucifer made it pretty clear that Rowena is gone. The Winchesters always have a magical ally for when the work is beyond lore and weapons, so either Rowena is alive, or we’ll meet a new magical friend. We could have a Max Banes comeback, who was last seen using magic to create a lifelike doll of his murdered twin sister. This would certainly be a dramatic reunion since the Winchester brothers warned him not to do this.

Castiel has presumably died again, and as a fan-favorite character, one has to assume that he’s going to come back. Going back to the season 5 finale parallels, Castiel died but was resurrected by God. Since we know God/Chuck has once again peaced out, we have to think about other ways to bring back angels. One way is another angel can heal him, as was the case with Gadreel in season 9. Misha Collins, who plays Castiel, tweeted in May that Castiel will be back, so we’ll have to wait and see how he’s resurrected.

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Another fan-favorite character, Crowley, died twice in the last two episodes of season 12, so we have to wonder if he’s really gone. Since he stabbed himself with an angel blade, his resurrection would be similar to Castiel’s — someone with great power would have to heal him. But, his body is in the alternate world. We have no idea if any powerful figures are alive there, and if there were, if they would care enough about Crowley to bring him back. Unless he found a rat to escape into again, the future doesn’t look good for the former King of Hell.

Jack Won’t Be Around Very Long

Kelly, who had a fling with Lucifer while he was using the President as a vessel, gave birth to her half-human and half-angel son. In the lore, someone with this parentage is called a nephilim, and angels consider them extremely dangerous. So, shoutout to Kelly who believed so much that her child was good that she was willing to die in childbirth to bring him into this world. In the shot we see of Jack, though, the creepy factor is high. He appears to be at least a preteen in the season 12 finale, which means he grew faster than the Darkness, who was a murderous from babyhood to adulthood. It also doesn’t help that in the first shot we see of Jack, he has a sinister-looking smile.

Evil or not, Jack will grow up with no mother, similar to Sam, so perhaps Sam will take pity on him. The promotional photos for season 13’s first episode already show Jack with Sam.

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It was said that nephilims can create a world with no suffering and hate, but Supernatural has to have a world of suffering and killer creatures for it to remain interesting. As Jack continues to grow, so will his powers, and we do not yet know Jack’s alignment. Although we would love to see the Winchesters have a happy ending, a nephilim at full power, good or evil, would probably be the end of the show. So, Jack will either be dispatched or go into hiding until the final season.

The Men of Letters Will Be Back

In the penultimate episode of season 12, the British Men of Letters office in America was eliminated in a mission headed by Sam (since Dean had a bum leg). Sam is obviously able to handle himself after all this time, but there’s still some reliance on his big brother. Sam is really coming into his own,13 seasons later, and this trajectory will likely continue. The Men of Letters knew the American effort was failing, hence not extracting their American agents, so they can easily come back into the picture as an ally or an enemy, depending on what happens with Jack. They have a zero tolerance policy for monsters, and they would probably consider Jack to be one.

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Other characters to think about: Sheriff Jody Mills, who joined Sam’s attack on the Men of Letters, will be the featured character on Wayward Sisters, a female focused Supernatural spinoff. According to The Hollywood Reporter, there will be a backdoor spinoff in this season, which means we will also see more Alex, Sheriff Donna Hanscum, and Claire Novak as well. Last we saw these characters, Alex was going to nursing school, Donna was dubbed a true hunter, and Claire was cured of being a werewolf. There’s gonna be a lot to cover!

Supernatural season 13 premieres October 12, 2017 on the CW.

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