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As some of you may know, the official Star Trek convention is taking place this week in Las Vegas.  Unfortunately, none of the 6 Nerdy Chicks are able to attend since SDCC took all of our monies.  However, I took my sadness, turned it into internet searching energy, and found some super awesome Star Trek inspired looks in case you happen to be going to the convention or just love Star Trek as much as we do!

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My first stop was Amazon, which has a plethora of Star Trek costuming from T-Shirts to official costume pieces. For this post I wanted to stick with pieces that were in a realistic price range. First is the Classic Star Trek dress $31, inspired from the original series. It is simple and to the point with the communicator detail. The one I found comes in the baby blue, but know the yellow and red versions are out there.  For those who love the newest installments, the Uhura dress is only $21; I wouldn’t say it would be great quality, but it would definitely work for a convention day.  If you want super great quality there are official versions for a little over $200, worth it. You can actually get a full body suit of the TNG Star Fleet uniforms for only $35-$40 on Amazon! I do not know why I have not ordered this yet, but I can tell you it is in my cart.

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As always, Her Universe has some great Star Trek clothing. The first and best thing ever is the Captain Picardigan, and yes that is spelled correctly. This amazing $50 cardigan is modeled from Captain Picard’s iconic red uniform.  The only downside of this cardigan is the fabric; it is a cotton/nylon blend which makes it prone to stretching and getting lint balls on the sleeves. If you have their TARDIS cardigan, you know what I am talking about. I own this one, and I LOVE it. Another great Star Trek item at Her Universe is the Live Long and Prosper Raglan (long sleeve shirt) regularly $65, currently on sale for $35!. This is an awesome piece that has the LLP hand sign on the front and the wording on plaid on the back. I love how different the front and back of this top are; those girls at Her Universe are super creative.

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Next, I looked over at Think Geek which did not disappoint. Like Amazon, Think Geek does have some official costume replica pieces that range from $200- $500, so if you want something authentic you can find it there (including Picard’s jacket from the last season of TNG!).  Think Geek has their own version of the Star Trek themed track jacket, and they are all uni-sex and available in all three colors; I personally like these better. At $20, they are a steal! I love this Star Trek Kaleidoscope dress so much; I bought it while writing this! This dress has a solid black top and a wonderful kaleidoscope bottom with images of the Enterprise. It is perfect for a summer look, or paired with a cardigan for work.  Think Geek has a plethora of Star Trek geek chic accessories and clothing pieces that I would like to give fair warning before you venture off to look at the website, you will want everything.

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I couldn’t help myself and went looking for and found authentic official Star Trek Costuming. I can afford nothing (except the $20 communicator) on the Anovos website, but I can dream. Just to give you a glimpse at the pricing, the Star Trek: Beyond pre-order for the Starfleet jacket is $565. It has payment options, so worth it? The Command Burgundy Uniform Tunic can be yours for a mere $599 if you wish to be the Captain of your own ship. I think I’ll stick to everyday cosplay, so I can afford to pay my rent.


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