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I am obsessed with macarons because they’re cute, delicious, and impossible to make myself. I came across Honey & Butter at the suggestion of my fellow Disney friend Lisa, who showed me their macarons on Instagram. I had NO IDEA macarons could be so ornately (and cutely) designed! So cute, in fact, that I did trek to Costa Mesa in the morning to get in line for their macaron truck. It was totally worth it.

They’re located at the LAB in Costa Mesa and are open Tuesday-Sunday from 12-whenever they sell out. Honey & Butter releases their schedule of themes for the week on Instagram, so you’ll know what you’re getting in line for. Of course, they have standard macarons at the ready as well. I know I’ve been focusing on cuteness, as I am wont to do, but I should also mention that these macarons are crazy good, y’all. Even if you don’t get the design you want, pick some up!

You can tell that the bakers are big fans of video games, cats, Disney tsum tsums, and a variety of other fandoms. Take a look at some of the past themes below!

Avengers kitties!

 These are the macarons we deserve.

 Harry Potter characters in lil party hats! All that’s missing is the butterbeer!

I never thought Ned Stark’s head would look so adorable… and delicious.

And this is one of the latest themes featured on Instagram: Peter Pan! LOOK AT THAT MISTER SMEEEEEEEE!

Check out Honey & Butter on their website for flavor options and pricing, and follow them on Instagram to get adorable treats on your feed!

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