Make Your Home Look Like a Graveyard With These Simple Steps!

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday and now that I own a home (I’m a grownup, guys!) I can finally start to decorate my place like I’ve always wanted! Unfortunately, now that I own a home it means I have no monies to decorate! This means I need to get a little crafty to fulfill my dream. In this DIY I’ll show you how to make foam headstones for less than the cost of a premade one! Let us craft!


What You’ll Need:

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  • Insulfoam
  • Marker
  • Box cutter
  • Duct tape or gorilla tape
  • Black spray paint
  • Soldering Iron
  • Paint Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Hammer


Step One: The First Cut is the Deepest

This pack of foam insulation came with 6-48” sheets so, if you cut them in half, you can make 12! The first thing I did was cut them in half; the halves don’t have to be exact.


Step Two: Draw the Line

Next, I decided what I wanted the tombstone to say. I tried to think of death characters but that just made me sad so I settled on “Unknown Red Shirt” since no one cares about those guys anyway. I also traced the general shape of the tombstone.


Step Three: It’s Getting Hot in Here

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The next step is kind of dangerous so make sure you are very careful! We are going to use a soldering iron to cut our design into our foam.


*You CAN do this step with a box cutter but it will take you WAY longer and probably won’t look as need. My husband already had a soldering iron but if you don’t you can always get one at your local hardware store for $15 or less!*


Step Four: Paint it Black

For this next step I enlisted the help of my lovely husband (as I always do when it comes to spray paint). He carefully layered the paint to the desired darkness being careful not to spray to much in one spot otherwise the paint will eat through the foam.


Step Five: Eat It

Speaking of eating through the foam, this is actually a great way to weather the tombstone! After your tombstone is thoroughly painted you can go back in to specific spots and spray in a more concentrated blast. This will make the foam look weather beaten and old; it’s pretty cool. Once you’re happy, set aside to dry before moving on to the next step.


*The easiest (and more importantly, cheapest) way I could think to keep the tombstones upright is to tape them to some paint sticks that have been staked into the ground.*


Step Six: Get to the Point

As you’re waiting for your paint to dry you can get working on the next step–turning your paint sticks into stakes! Cut down the tips of one end of stick so it makes a point. Do this to all your stakes ( I used two per tombstone, so 10 total).


Step Seven: If I Had a Hammer

Next, hammer the stakes into the ground about 5 inches apart.


Step Eight: Tape Song

Finally, take pieces of Gorilla (or duct) tape and tape the foam to the steaks making sure they are nice and secure. Repeat with each tombstone you make.


*The photo shows two pieces of tape on each stake but I increased it to three after the wind picked up in my neighborhood. It gets pretty windy in my part of town but these guys have held up so far!*


And that’s it; you’re done! I had so much fun with this DIY and my front yard is starting to look nice and creepy! I still have some foam left over so I’ll probably go ahead and see what else I can craft out of them! I’m beyond happy I can finally be THAT house on the block and spookify my house to my heart’s desire! How do you decorate YOUR house? Let us know in the comments!



Here’s a bonus gif of my handsome husband making his own tombstone just because.



Happy Halloween!

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