Let’s Make Our Own Dragon Eggs

With Game of  Thrones ending a couple of weeks ago, I find myself going through a bit of withdrawal. So, I decided it was time to bust out an oldie but goodie with this easy-to-do and inexpensive DIY. This craft is super cheap and easy but does take a couple of days to complete; if you’re making this for a Christmas gift, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get it done! Let us craft!

What you’ll need:

dragon egg diy viserion drogon rhaegal
Pretty simple supplies.
  • Balloon
  • Newspaper
  • Mod Podge (or regular school glue)
  • Water
  • Paint brush
  • Thumb tacks
  • Paint (optional)

Step One:

diy game of thrones dragon egg

First thing we gotta do is blow up our balloon. Water balloons would work best for this but if you want to a bigger egg you’ll need a bigger balloon! I used a regular balloon and only blew it up a little.



Step Two:

diy game of thrones dragon egg
This is gonna get messy.

Take your newspaper and shred it up into strips; they don’t have to be the same length or anything, you’ll probably end up cutting most of them up into smaller bit anyway.


Step Three:

decoupage dragon egg

Add a healthy dose of mod podge (or glue) to your water. You want to make sure not to skimp out on this part, you need the paper to be pretty sturdy once it’s dried.



Step Four:

game of thrones egg
This is pretty fun, actually.

Now that all the prep is complete, we can start assembling! Take your newspaper and dip it in the glue/water mix, then wrap the paper around the balloon being sure to smooth out any edges. Repeat until your whole balloon is covered in multiple layers of this stuff.


Step Five:

DIY dragon egg
It’s getting there!

This is the part that sucks; we wait. I left mine out overnight to make sure it was nice and dry before I moved on to the next part.

Step Six:

dragon egg diy
Take your time to make it pretty!

Once you’re sure your egg is dry, you can pop the balloon and remove it form it’s shell and start adding your “scales”!

I started in the middle of what would be the top and worked my way around in circles; this gives the best look as far as scales go. This whole part takes a bit of time but have patience; it’s worth it in the end.



Step Seven:

dragon egg viserion drogon diy
Let’s hope it hatches!

Once you’re egg is covered, you’re done! I decided I like the way it looked without having to paint it but you can go ahead and do that; especially if you’re going to make all three eggs!


If you want to nerd up your Christmas tree, you could always add a string and make an ornament out of this guy too! Just be sure not to make it took big or it might fall off!


And that’s it; you’re done! I think this thing came out so great and it was so easy! This is the perfect gift for the Game of Thrones fan in your life and especially great if you’re on a budget! If you decide to make these guys, be sure to tag us using #6NCDIY so we can see your awesome creations!


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