Justice League Posters Released to Promote New Trailer

The Justice League WB Twitter account released another set of Justice League posters to tease its viewers about a new movie trailer that will be dropping this Sunday. The details are unknown as to when and where the trailer will air, but like the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive trailer from last July, it will probably post online almost immediately.

In looking at the posters, and all of the promotional materials thus far, Superman is noticeably absent. Though it was confirmed two years ago that Henry Cavill would reprise his role as Superman in Justice League, DC is being awfully coy with revealing any images of him post Dawn of Justice. In fact, the only mention we’ve been getting of Henry Cavill’s role is that he had a problematic mustache throughout the shoot, due to his contract for Mission Impossible 6, that had to be edited out.

The remaining members of the Justice League comprise of those we’ve seen in previous films, and those for whom Justice League will be their entry to the DC movie universe. We are familiar with Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman as well as Ben Affleck’s Batman. Though these movies had dramatically different critical and fan reception, their posters for Justice League both do them… justice. Wonder Woman once again looks like a fierce warrior with her iconic pose, and Batman looks much less dark than we’ve seen before. Though we’re only seeing him from the back, the sheen on his suit and cape is lovely. Not a common adjective to describe Batman, but it’s true.

As for characters who haven’t gotten as much film attention yet, we’ll likely see more of Ezra Miller’s Flash in speedy action, which is reflected in his poster. Fans are already thirsty for Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, and his power lunge pose has a rock star air that could elicit Beatlemania-style squealing. The Cyborg poster shows Ray Fisher facing front, so the viewer gets a detailed shot of the front of his suit. Because of the nature of the character, this one stands out the most because this suit is the most unlike the others – there’s a lot of robotic detail.

Now that the cast and crew are past the internal struggles (the changing of directors and #mustachegate), it’s nice to be able to focus on the film’s marketing. With the film releasing November 17th, the Justice League fervor will continue to amp up in the next coming weeks. Which character are you the most excited to see more of?

Images: Warner Bros. Pictures

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