Let’s Make Nerdy Halloween Jar Lanterns

DIY Nerdy Halloween Jar Lanterns


Fall officially started last week, which for me means one thing: it’s time to bust out all of the Halloween decorations! This year I wanted to make something small, cute, and quick for the mantle and I came up with these easy jar lanterns. It seemed to be the perfect way to highlight a bit of the nerdy side while keeping with the Halloween theme.


What you need:

  • Jars (any size will do but make sure it’s plain and has no designs on it)
  • Spray paint (I chose yellow and orange to really emphasize the Halloween aspect, but these look amazing in purple, green, and blue)
  • Black vinyl (or black cardstock and glue)
  • Tea lights


What to do:

1) Spray paint the jars

DIY Nerdy Halloween Jar Lanterns Spray Paint

Lightly spray paint the outside of the jars. You don’t want to cover the entire jar because the light won’t shine through when  you’re done.  I held the jar out at arm’s length with one hand and sprayed the paint with the other, moving the jar in and out of the spray mist to make sure I didn’t get too much on.  Because I wanted a kind of ombre vibe I first painted the bottom orange, let it dry, and painted the top yellow.

2) Cut out silhouettes

DIY Nerdy Halloween Jar Lanterns Batman Nightmare Before Christmas

I found my images by searching for various silhouettes from google search.  The tree for my Nightmare Before Christmas jar light was found while searching “creepy tree silhouette”.  The Gotham city line was found by just searching “city skyline silhouette”. In case you wanted it, I’ve included all of the silhouettes I used here. I did a lot of scaling down before I cut them out so make sure you don’t print or cut without resizing it first.

I used vinyl and my handy dandy silhouette machine for this specific project because there were so many small parts. I also prefer vinyl because it’s self-adhesive so I find it easier to work with.  If you don’t have a cutter you can always trace and cut the designs on vinyl using an exacto knife. The other option is to cut the images on black cardstock and glue them to the jar.

3) Add tealights

DIY Nerdy Halloween Jar Lanterns Batman Nightmare Before Christmas

The last step is to just place some tea lights in the jar. I used these from Amazon.  I tried tea lights that were a bit more yellow the first time but found that they made the jars look too orange, so I used these white lights instead. If you’re painting your jar any other other than orange or yellow you definitely want to make sure that you have white lights because the yellow ones might change the color of your jar a bit.

DIY Nerdy Halloween Jar Lanterns Batman Nightmare Before Christmas

I ended up tying some ribbon on the lips of the jars to give them a bit more color. I’d love to make some more in different colors – perhaps a superman themed one in green?  Or a Star Wars one in blue? The possibilities are endless! Give your house a little nerdy touch during the holidays, and make sure you let us know how it turned out by tagging @6nerdychicks… I’d love to see what you come up with!


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