Harry Potter Floating Candles

This year marked the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and that inspired me to finally take the step to make the craft I’ve been wanting to make for years now: floating candles! What I love about this craft is that it adds so much with so little, and costs so little as well! So, get off your broomsticks, put down your Butterbeer, and let us craft!



-Toilet paper roll

-Hot glue

-Hot glue gun

-Clear wire or fishing line

-Flameless candles

-Ivory spray paint

-Thumb tack



-Hammer (optional)


Step 1: Make It Look Like a Candle

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First thing we gotta do is get some nice drippy action going on down our toilet paper rolls. I found if you let your glue gun get super hot and slowly guide the glue down it comes out a little more realistic. I made 8 candles (4 big and 4 small), and this still took a buttload of glue to make. I think I used about 20 sticks of Gorilla Glue Sticks, so be sure you have plenty before you get started.

Take your time, and work your way around the roll until you’re happy with what you’ve got. Be SUPER careful with this. Hot glue is…well, hot! The smaller ones, especially, gave me some pretty good burns.


Step 2: Cut Out Circles

Next, we’re gonna use some extra rolls to cut out some circles. This will make it so you can’t see through the bottom of the candle, as well as hold the flameless candle at the top. The circle doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect, and you can use the glue to fill in any gaps you may have.


Step 3: Cover the Ends

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When you’ve got all your circles cut out, go ahead and glue them in place. For the top, I found it was easier to make a small line with the glue beforehand, place the cardboard, and then glue again to secure it in place.


Step 4: Pre-Poke Some Holes

Using the thumbtack, poke the holes where the fishing line or wire will hold your candle mid-air. I thought this way would be better so that they will blend a bit more after being painted. I didn’t want dark brown cardboard poking out after being painted white.


Step 5: Paint


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Take your candles outside, and spray paint them. This took about 5-6 coats of spray paint and, looking back, would have been easier if I had sealed the cardboard with Mod Podge or something similar before painting. This way the cardboard wouldn’t have soaked up so much of the paint, but, hey, you live and you learn. Learn from my mistakes, reader. Learn.

Get your own personal painter to make things much less messy for yourself!

Wait for the paint to dry, and air out before bringing them back inside. I waited overnight, but a few hours should be more than enough time. *Don’t forget to spray the bottoms! (that’s what she said?)*


Step 6: String ‘Em Up

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Once your paint is dry, you can start attaching the wire. I made the wire all different lengths to give it some visual interest. I don’t have any measurements; just wing it.

Use the holes you made earlier to poke the wire through and double knot it on the end to give it extra strength. Add your candles, and adjust wire as needed.


Step 7: Hang ‘Em Up

I used these huge fucking staples to hang these bad boys up, which may have been overkill, because they’re all I had. I think regular staples would work but don’t have personal experience so proceed with caution.

I nailed…hammered…stapled…the staples in the ceiling using a hammer, and adjusted the strings as needed.


Step 8: Adjustments

After hanging up all my candles I noticed that some (okay, most) of them weren’t perfectly straight.

Especially this fucking guy. C’mon, man, get your shit together.


But I was able to remedy this pretty easily by adding a dot of glue, adjusting the string, and waiting for it to cool.

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Much better!


Step 9: Let There Be Light!

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They look so cool! I’m very impressed with myself.

These look so freaking cool, especially once the room gets dark. They add a bit of magic to any space, as well as a little light if you have a fear of the dark. These candles have always been a favorite part of the Harry Potter world for me, and I’m so glad I get to have them in my home! What Harry Potter creation do you wish you could have in real life? Let us know in the comments!

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