Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Promises a Vengeful Season 3 in New Trailer

The CW released a new trailer for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season 3, and hell hath no fury like Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom), the show’s smart yet romantically dysfunctional protagonist.

The previous two seasons had been building up to Rebecca finally fulfilling her dream: getting married to her summer camp sweetheart, Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III). While it has dealt with awkward dating situations and serious topics, such as depression, the show has remained bright and charming with its signature wit and musical numbers. That is, until Rebecca gets jilted on her wedding day at the end of last season’s finale.

crazy ex girlfriend s3 posters - 6 Nerdy Chicks

Earlier this month, the CW released the season 3 posters, and they are definitely darker than seasons past. In each poster, Rebecca is posing as an iconic character with questionable morals: Don Draper from Mad Men, Walter White from Breaking Bad, and Catherine Tramell from Basic Instinct. With these images put together, we get a cheating alcoholic, a ruthless drug dealer, and a murderous femme fatale. What could possibly go wrong for poor Josh? If revenge is a dish served by Rebecca, it’s going to be deliciously dark and fun to watch.


The season 3 trailer released this week doubles down on the vengeance. It opens with Rebecca swiveling around in a chair like a signature villain, with darker hair and an ironic white dress (both of which she points out). We also see the word “revenge” over a pretzel she steps on, a callback to the first episode and how happy she was to move to West Covina to reunite with Josh.

Revenge cannot be achieved alone, so the girl gang — Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz), Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin), and Heather (Vella Lovell) — is assembled to help Rebecca plan for payback. These friendships have had their ups and downs in the show, but nothing unites girl BFFs like a terrible break-up, and it will be interesting to see how they all contribute to Josh’s inevitable takedown.

Rebecca wears a robe for most of this trailer, which coupled with her “Bride” beanie, shows that she has nothing left to lose. This will affect the tone of this season’s musical numbers as well.  Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has been known to parody all genres of music, so hopefully the viewers will get an homage to at least one type of break-up song they prefer. Based on the trailer alone, a number of songs will likely be angry.

Towards the end of the trailer, we hear the sound of knives, and we’ve got to wonder: is this a reference to the season 3 posters? Is the crazy ex-girlfriend poised to become a psycho killer? We’ll find out starting on October 13th at 8 PM.

Images via The CW

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