My Big Fat Geek Wedding: Invitations

Welcome to My Big Fat Geek Wedding!  As many of you can attest to, being a nerd isn’t a side job – it’s a lifestyle!  And as a result, many of our geek fancies naturally made their way into our weddings.  This week, we’re reminiscing about one of the more practical things to take care of for your wedding, but something you can definitely put your own nerdy spin on: the invitations!


The Fancy Nerdfest (Mindy)

The hubs and I tried to straddle the line between “nerdfest” and “fancy event” for our wedding, and as a result, our invitations ended up being pretty normal.  However, we did get to geek out on our save the dates.  I found Clare Vacha while browsing on Etsy for fun save the dates and fell in love with her style.  If you’ve read our Nerdy Cake Toppers post, you’ll notice some similarities: I’m dressed in Hogwarts robes, and the hubs is in Jedi gear.  We also got to include our three cats, which was an absolute necessity for me.  Because this was a save the date and not an invitation, we didn’t need to include a lot of information leaving more room for photos and designs.  The back was an engagement photo of us holding classic Star Wars quotes, further highlighting our nerdiness (and also warning the guests of the nerdfest to come).


PhilAngie Fastpass Invite - 6 Nerdy Chicks

The Disney Pass (Angie)

In an effort to save money and time, because my husband and I had only eight months to plan our wedding, I opted to make the save the date our actual invite. We had decided on a Disney theme at that point, so I perused the great and wonderful Etsy for Disney invite templates. I decided on one that looked like a Disneyland Fastpass, created by MainStreetDesign. This was perfect since we had already taken our engagement photos at Disneyland! We paid to get the design customized with our information, and then we printed it as oversized postcards to send. It was cute and simple, just like how our wedding ended up being. Some of our friends even brought the Fastpass with them to enter our wedding!


The Invite to Neverland (Melody)

DIY Peter Pan Wedding Invitations


I knew that I wanted to make my own invitation because I wanted to incorporate our Peter Pan theme into the invite, but I didn’t like anything I saw online. Now, to design my invite I didn’t have Photoshop at my disposal, so I took advantage of which is an awesome, free resource. I looked at other invites online and mimicked them, except I added the silhouettes in the background and other Peter Pan touches in the phrasing! I also designed the RSVP cards to match!  Once I was happy with the template (we had to print them twice as the colors looked different after they were printed), I decided to mount them on green cardstock to match the color scheme and tied it all together with different types of lace ribbon to finish it off with a whimsical touch! My invites may not have been perfect, and the process was definitely time consuming, but this labor of love was well worth it!

Angie Dahl

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